November 14, 2018 @goldenoakfarm

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Frost shadows

I’d intended to get a nice shot of the frost in the New Herb garden but I got distracted, and it melted. So this old one of frost shadows in the yard will have to do.

Today I hope we get to the bacon, to get it ready for slicing tomorrow. My husband has been zipping around preparing for the possible 5” – 8” of snow forecast for tomorrow night.

I am also getting food together to send back with my brother, who is up here today. The plan is for us to go to my mom’s for the first time in nearly a decade for Thanksgiving. My brother will do some cooking and I will do the rest.

The list:

2 lbs butter crop May 5, 2017.jpg

Our raw cream butter, several lbs.
Plain millet bread, for stuffing, several loaves
Quarts of chicken stock for stuffing and gravy
Organic cranberries, oranges, and pears for my mom to make relish
Our potatoes

There’s a lot more I will bring when we go down next Thursday.

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Ahmigahds that butter looks delish. Now I want to make toast with it...


with the lilac jelly I made....

oooh, that butter looks so beautiful. I love the photo of the tree shadow frost, very cool. It became full on real winter yesterday around here. Even the puppies are staying inside today.


It's on its way, they claim, tomorrow night, 5 - 8" unless it turns to rain. (We sure NEED more rain....NOT!)