November 13, 2018 @goldenoakfarm

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Netting around circus tent crop Oct. 2018.jpg

The new layers had moved out of the pasture pen into the winter pen. On Sunday morning November 4th my husband and I went out to take the pen down.

We’d had to put netting around the perimeter and electrified it because a juvenile fox was showing a bit too much interest. Plain chicken wire wasn’t going to stop him long. We took the netting back up to the winter pen for the snake fence.

Circus tent - coiled ropes for storing1 crop June 10.jpg

Circus tent - stored ropes1 crop June 10.jpg

Then we took down the Circus tent. I sat and coiled dozens of lengths of rope and stored the ropes in bags.

Repairing circus tent crop Nov. 2018.jpg

Repairing pasture pen2 crop Nov. 2017.jpg

I dragged the PVC poles from the Circus Tent over to the front yard for repair. Then we rolled up the sides of the pen and took them to the front yard for repair.

Then I started repairing the numbers and rope markers on the Circus Tent poles. They had faded after several years use.

Repairing circus tent - Pam1 crop Nov. 2018.jpg

Once I’d written/drawn them on, I sprayed them with acrylic to preserve them.

Repairing circus tent - numbers and markers crop Nov. 2018.jpg

I propped them up on wood to keep the grass from being glued to them.

Repairing circus tent - drying after acrylic crop Nov. 2018.jpg

It took about 15 mins for them to dry.

Circus tent pipe crop Nov. 2017.jpg

Then we took them apart and bundled each length together. That was all I got done that day.

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looks like a ton of work to me!


Yup, but only once a year. And it means we don't lose any birds to predators. We generally have far more time than money, so it's paid off over the years.