Fog and Frost in April

in homesteading •  8 months ago

Fog and frost2 crop April 2018.jpg
Small garden and middle pasture

This morning it was 22F and we had a good fog. We also had a heavy frost, so we are a long ways from being able to plant outside.

Fog and frost4 crop April 2018.jpg
Large garden and middle pasture

It's still to be too cold for digging, but I will try to get some raking done in the yard today.

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Spring is around the corner, won't be long now. Nice field.

love these photos!

Beautiful scenery, cold weather like that, what plants you cultivate ,,?


I've got kale, onions, beets and pansies in the cold frame, and too many to count started inside. Started 25 different plants yesterday, on the 4th seed starting of the year.