November 12, 2018 @goldenoakfarm

in homesteading •  4 months ago

Temp 21F crop Nov. 2018.jpg

It was cold in the house when I got up this morning. I’d not checked what the forecasted temp for the night was and had only had 1 stove going and it had gone out. So first thing was to get the window shades up so the sun could heat the house and get the upstairs stove going.

Napa cabbage and Korean radish kimchi crop Nov. 2018.jpg
Napa cabbage, left, and Korean radish, right, kimchi

Last Friday my helper friend and I made Napa cabbage kimchi and Korean radish kimchi. I checked the jars and it’s time to move them into the fridge. As we’d made gallon jars of it, the jars will have to go into the downstairs fridge. So I will take some out to put in quart jars for up here.

Ginger water crop Dec. 2017.jpg

Yesterday I started a bit of a sore throat so I started making ginger water from my ginger I stored in alcohol. I’m also doing fire cider I made, elderberry, and zinc.

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That kimchi looks super yum! Seems the too much kinchi problem would be a good one.


Well, I had not planned to make so much. But my a-bit-over-enthusiastic helper had other plans... :)) Good thing it will keep for a long time in the fridge....


Exactly :) and it's suuuuper good for you! Your digestive microbiome absolutely adores fermented foods. All those little bugs that keep us alive love that stuff.