Getting a little colder

in homesteading •  18 days ago

I was going to post yesterday but my house was infested with twenty-somethings. My son came for an unannounced visit, which is always lovely, and he brought five of his friends. Chaos ensued. It's a little quieter now.

Our forecast has snow for this coming week, and some pretty cold temperatures (for us, anyway), so I've been taking extra hay to the property where the goats are parked in case I can't get there and the homeowner has to feed them. That's not an option with every place we've had them, but it's a nice insurance policy in an emergency. Here's a picture from a couple of winters ago. There was nobody living on the property and it was at the top of a really steep hill. Going up there every day was absolutely required, but dangerous and not at all fun.


Also, my partner, her husband and I all had the flu at the same time during this storm, so every morning we would have a frantic text message conversation about who was the least sick and could brave the elements to feed the goats and haul warm water to them.

I do love the snow and part of me is hoping we get a little. Just enough to make everything look soft and clean, but not enough to make life difficult. Here's a picture from ten years ago when we got a massive storm that went on for several weeks. I didn't have goats then so the stakes were a little lower.

Big snow 150.jpg

And of course, even though it's a little late, Sweet Pea in reindeer antlers.


I hope everyone is well. Stay warm and dry!

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I hope you get just a little snow...!
It truly does decorate the landscape.
Never too late... to share Sweet Pea in reindeer antlers...🙂


Thank you! I kept hoping we would get just a little snow so I could justify posting snow pictures. I finally got tired of waiting.

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Snow looks good but hopefully goes away fast.


Indeed! That's the best case scenario!

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Lovely pictures. That sounds horrendous having to be in that weather while sick. I wish you lots of luck for the remainder of the winter.

Wow! What beautiful snow! The snow I have seen has never been anything like that. Snow always looks so peaceful to me.


That's what I like about it too. It muffles sound and makes everybody take a break from the craziness. As long as it doesn't stick around long enough to become a headache!