Another First At The Homestead!

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Thunderstorm is Coming

I went and got eggs and heard rumbling. I thought it was just another heavy truck at the street. And then I heard it again.

Hmm I guess we have thunderstorm coming. It started drizzling when I closed the gate to the chicken run and then I looked towards our trees.

Is that an apple?

It is an apple!

I hurried up and got my Mom. I told her we have an apple! Dad could not believe it. We were all excited!

So we all got our boots on and hurried to the backyard.

Uh oh, the rain is going to pour any minute. But we didn't care, we would be quick.


You might be able to see the rain on that picture where my little brother is looking away. I have to say we're having fun in the rain.

Here comes Mom!

She had our baby sister on her hip and camera on the other hand. You should see her but I don't have camera to take a picture of her.

Instead she took our pictures enjoying the rain. I can tell you that my baby sister also enjoyed the rain drops on her. She was just lifting her face up on the sky.

It was her first rain adventure.

Mom got through the first gate. While waiting for her, I jumped on the swing and swung in excitement. My baby sister and brother were jumping in the rain.


And that's the first apple for the homestead. It was the only one we have for this year. I hope we'll have more next year. Mom and Dad are already talking about getting more apple trees after we have the fence in.


By the way, the apple was sweet and crunchy. Just like we like them.

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