My Summer Crop

Hey everyone, I have not done a vegetable patch blog for some time, so yesterday head down to the garden and took some nice pics.


I been the nature-boy bunny hugger, that I am buy all my heirloom seeds at these were all from last years crops I simply saved the seeds and planted again this year.



The above Carrots and Lettuce basically self planted from last year and it would appear they are doing really well. Granted going into summer now the lettuce will bolt and seed again soon, but carrots are a great all year round vegetable!


I started planting corn early this year at the end of Winter as the frost had abated for the year and now a mere month later growing well hoping to have some epic heirloom mielies to eat in the next 2 months!


What I am doing differently this year is staggering my planting, every 2 weeks put in another 2 rows as to have a permanent corn supply all Summer!


Nature the incredible!

I trust you have an awesome thursday!

Love and light, be blessed.

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