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RE: Persimmon Leaf Tea | A Wild Tea That’s Good For The Heart

Yes! You have me pretty stoked about this tea. I LOVE tea. Those health benefits sound fantastic. I had high blood pressure several years ago and while my doctor wanted to out me on meds (at 25!) I got it under control with diet and lifestyle changes. High blood pressure seems prevelant in my family though so I am always mindful about foods that can help keep my blood pressure in check.

Matt and I add Chaga to our coffee daily. It's an easy way to get the benefits and blends well with the flavour.

While paw paw doesn't grow natively for us it's one we have toyed with planting on the homestead. We think our zone may be a touch too cold but we are hoping to make a microclimate for it to grow in.

We have been growing comfrey, lemon balm, bee balm, and mint for tea. We haven't been the greatest at harvesting regularly though. Our comfrey is a beast in the garden and works well for chop and drop too.

As for native species we enjoy Saskatoon berry, and raspberry berry patches. You can find Saskatoon's hiding all over the city but people are starting to catch on. The bushes by my parents place used to be a well kept secret but now they are bare unless you visit early in the season!


yes to everything you listed! way to go- you have quite the biodiversity! we have those plants here as well and we delight in their presence.. the plants are what makes this homesteading thing for us so exciting!!

I'm so happy you're stoked about the tea. Sounds like it could be a good option for you. I feel great when I drink it and it does have a feeling like it tonifies the entire system.

I'll be excited to follow your adventures in initiating paw paws to the colder climes :)

Hilarious too about your parent's saskatoon being bare now! lol that's what happens when people catch on... Hopefully it will take a while before they find out about all these delicious, nutritious, abundant persimmon leaves hehe <3 ~wren

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