2 Minutes with the Farmer: Word of Encouragement from the Farm!!!

in homesteading •  4 months ago

Today I would like to give you all a word of encouragement from here on the farm. I know it can be very frustrating to see the crypto market continue to go down. Just want to encourage everyone to keep on working hard and the future will be bright.
Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!

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I here what you are saying, keep-on keeping-on right? I'm not really here for the crypto, I'm here for your videos ;)
That being said I did invest a little USD and it is a bit of a downer to see that investment at almost half. Anyway tanks for the encouragement, have a blessed day.


Thank you very much. Your comment made my day. Hope your week investment returns like crazy in the future


Your welcome, glad I could help ;)
I believe all our investments will return positive results eventually, these apps just have so much potential I don't see how it can't.

hahaha! hey bowentroyer! I was gonna harass you again today but since you gave me that shout out I don't feel like I can! lol. hey I never even look at any prices, do the experts think it's going back up?
or should we start investing and stacking silver?


It is always a good time to stack silver;) I am no crypto expert. Most of what I read says it will go back up. Time will tell

What a great way to start my day! Thanks brother!


Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful day!

Yeah, I just try to keep plugging away and I will get there sooner or later! I think that the crypto market will recover sometime. With all the stuff that happened in the past with BTC, it just needs time and people will be buying in again and it will drive the market up.


I think you are right. Should be a fun ride;)

It will eventually pick up, but I feel that everyone could use a little encouragement every now and then. Haha! Thanks @bowentroyer


You are welcome

Every day above ground is a good day...thanks for the positive outlook this morning, I needed that today.


I need that reminder often. Have a great day