My First Baby Chicks On The Homestead

My neighbor had a hen that went broody (when a hen wants to hatch eggs) and he offered to put some of my eggs under her. 21 days later I've got 8 baby chicks and he gave me the hen also.


They are in a small cage in the coop for now, but today I threw together a brooder where the mother can raise those chicks until they are big enough to join the flock.



The father of these chicks is my Welsummer rooster, who I named Walter (The Big Lebowski). His breed lay dark brown eggs.


The mommies are my Whiting True Blue hens that lay blue eggs. I have 4 Whiting True Blue hens, one brown leghorn hen, and one mystery hen who was left behind on this property when I got here. I'll get individual pictures on the hens in the future to share here.




Betty White is the white hen, Mary Tyler Moore is the lavender hen, Carol Burnett and Private Benjamin are the dark colored hen, and Punky Brewster is the brown leghorn with the big comb. That is their pecking order as well.

The female chicks from this batch will lay green/olive eggs and could be worth a little cash as soon as they start laying. The male chicks will probably become chicken tacos better than any fast food restaurant in many, many ways.

This picture is the last remaining hen from the 4 that were here when I moved. I call her #2, and she is broody right now so I'll have more baby chicks in about 18 days I hope.


You guys are getting the story of my first baby chicks before my YouTube video goes out. Special ;)


That's a pretty rooster!

Love the Chicken stories. Great names for them too. Sure glad you made the move to your new place. 🐓🐓

Glad to see steemit gets the info first!

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Congrats on getting some new baby chicks on the homestead @bobbleheadstead!


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