The Best Thing About Homesteading!? You Can Do Whatever You Want to Do!

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"The Best Thing About Homesteading"

Hello there steemit friends!

Being unemployed means you spend majority of your time at home. Most people would find this lifestyle boring and uninteresting and would rather spend their time go shopping or hanging out with friends to entertaining their selves. But I wouldn’t approve this. Staying at home is the best because being at home means you can do whatever you want to do such as, gardening, watching T.V., surfing the internet and even cook your own food!

One of my hobbies and interests in life is cooking. Although I am not an expert on this, I still tried my best to come up with a dish that could satisfy my hunger. Today I have unproductive day and I spent the whole day surfing the internet, reading articles in steemit and watching videos on youtube, and so as got hungry, I decided to cook for dinner.

And look at what we have here! It’s "bulad" or dried fish in English. This is an all-time favorite food for Filipinos, maybe except for the higher class. Just look at that face, isn’t that a happy man who can’t wait to eat bulad? LOL!


Of course we need to fry it first. Bulad is a low-cost food and this type of bulad costs 200.00 pesos or 4 dollars per kilo and I bought only a quarter for 50 pesos. A quarter of this will have you 8-10 pieces depending on the size of the fish. But before anything else, let’s cook rice first.


In Bisaya, we call it "kilis" or "kislan", I do not know the exact tagalog or English translation for this. But anyway, we do this first because rice takes time to be cooked, usually around 30-40 minutes. Then after that we fry our bulad. I’m so excited LOL! We should make sure that our cooking pan is already hot before we fry our bulad.



We are frying it at low fire so we’ll just wait for that to turn into light brown! What I find very interesting while cooking at home is you can do anything, everything you want to do, like this…

For those of you who are interested about what this is, it’s an improvised homemade barbell made by my friend Johnlerry Idal. It’s made of 1 liter plastic bottles with water inside it. So given that the density of water is equal to 1 g/mL, with 6 bottles being used, that’s around 6 kilos or 13 pounds. Amazing right?

Anyway, I also made a homemade bagoong or preserved fish in salt (again I am not sure of the exact translation again, LOL. Anyone who knows the exact one, kindly write it down.)


Anyway I think our fried bulad is already good to go.

Hmmmm! Look at that! It really looks so delicious! Till next time guys!


I'm just like you, I love being free and doing whatever I want! I like to go fishing, dirt biking, hockey, soccer etc i am free and not a slave to any job

Wow great, although I agreed to you that employment is a modern form of slavery, we Filipinos need to engage into it as money is one of our problem here. If we do not work, we'll die of starvation. Thank you so much for dropping by.

Bulad it is! Great post and when I visit your country I hope you share some with me...😏

Bulad is really delicious for us Filipinos. I'm glad that you enjoyed it Sir, I'd be happy to cook for you :)

Done deal will keep in touch and do also check my blog posts

Its interesting and also can be so much fun staying at home ,because it is your comfort zone especially when you have all you need around the house, then it's useless really going shopping.
Most time when I'm free and find myself at home , I like to make dinner and invite my friends over , this makea it easy to keep up my relationship with my friends and at the same time safe cost . Honestly nothing really beats home made food , all they usually do is being in a bottle of wine when coming . Then we just relax and be very comfortable indoors
I really lold your post , im @janrotas , you can check out my page , im sure you find some of my post interesting , would be nice to be cool buddies , please follow also

I'm glad that you enjoyed my post. I totally agreed with you, indeed the best place is HOME and the best food is HOMEmade foods. Sure! Will follow you bro, no probs :)

Yea it is because you can control what is in the food to reduce your calories consumed or have a well balanced meal .I just started this food cooking adventure, I would make good post from them hopefully. Would you suggest I talk about the preparation process or nutrition values to it .
I haven't done a food post before

I would suggest you do whatever you want to do :)

Ok thanks ...I would try some thing

I would like to have a taste of that fish.

Sure my friend! Thanks for dropping by :)

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Excellent post. Love İt. @asbonclz

Sure you deserve it @asbonclz . Im beginning to follow you now. Emulating you from now onward

Am a full time web developer who works from home over the imternet and loving it. That makes us two "homestead" but am not unemployed tho. Hehe!!

Wow, that's cool work you got there. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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very nice article , thanks for sharing it
follower me plz at @hafidg

My pleasure :)

Hahaha are you bisaya?


Pagtarong ba? Hahaha taga asa ka?

Ay sige ga joke nalang ko. Hahahahaha

mao na ne karun aagahahahahaha

Cebu bitaw ko.

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I love your enthusiasm and attitude! I call bagoong shrimp paste lol I don't know if that's right either though :D

Thank you ma'am, it's not shrimp though, I am not also sure if this is bagoong but in Bisaya, we call this ginamos :)

Hahah that means ive been calling it wrong the whole time 😁

Hahaha I am not really sure but I am certain that we call this GINAMOS hehehe, I love to saute this with lots of tomatoes XD

I think bagoong is shrimp paste as far as I know.

yahaya uie!!

We love eating LOL!

Sarap naman ng daing...

Hehehe oo nga po ehhh

Mmm, making me hungry now. I enjoy cooking too.
Do you use a rice cooker? I make mine in a pot on the stove and everyone thinks I'm weird. I am one person, I can just use a pot! LOL

I homesteady as well. Most of the time i tend my plants and clean the house. I also paint.