The Reason People Do Not Ask For Help! Pushing Some People To Their End. One Experience From My Life.

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Hello Everyone! I had something that has been on my mind for a little bit now and I wanted to share it with you. I was not going to say anything about it but it will not stop pulling at me so I want to talk about it and get it off my mind so it will stop grinding at me. So please bear with me as I am sure many of you have experienced this and just had to get it off your chest. 

From my last few posts you know I started a GoFundMe page, some of you may not agree with this and I do understand that, to help me get a backhoe for helping do things on the property. This is a last resort attempt for us, as we have been through all the other avenues of trying to get one for the homestead here. I have been through 3 knee surgeries from it getting messed up trying to get things done here. The doctor told me to quit pushing it as if this happened to many times the alternative was not a good one as the revisions to my knee can only be done so many times.  I was looking at a tractor with a backhoe 3-point hitch attachment, the reason for this was it would be much more useful than just a backhoe itself. As I could get attachment for the tractor to do a variety of jobs on the homestead. ie box blade. rakes, scrapers, etc. To me that make more sense. I was just trying to raise funds for the tractor and the backhoe attachment, as that was the hard thing for us to be able to get. Just trying to let you know the purpose of what it was about. I will be making posts and videos about what we use this for and more of what we are doing on the homestead with the tractor, so you will see our projects it is being used for.

Ok, back to what is really getting to me. I e-mailed a friend and a fellow veteran, as he has a YouTube channel and asked him if he could help getting the word out about this. I told him in the e-mail if he wanted to call me and we would talk about it if he would like. I open my e-mail the next day and he replied with one word "shameful". I did not understand what he meant by that, until I saw he put up a video. Keep in mind he has a patreon page and encourages people to use his Amazon link to help support his channel.

I see the title of the video and it was a rant. So I go to watching that video and it just floored me. he is saying that I was a piece of crap basically and his 50,000 subs did not want to know about a gofundme page where I was trying to get this tractor. I was just a veteran playing the veteran card to him, as he is also a veteran, about a gofundme page and it was disgraceful for me to ask for help. It was wrong for a friend to come to him and ask for help like that. I was a friend and I was abusing that friendship! I think this was a little overboard if you ask me, being I e-mailed him and all he had to do was reply and say I cannot support this because I don't approve of the gofundme pages. It would have been fine with me because some do not agree with them. 

Many people may not know this but 200 veterans a day take their lives and many ask for help with what is bothering them, as well as others that take their own lives and ask for help and get treated this way. Do you think this has something to do with it, people they go to and ask for help treat them like this and they see no other way or think no one really cares? If this is not a good example of this I do not know what is, if a veteran cannot even go to a fellow veteran and ask for help without getting treated like crap and belittled for asking for help.

The Military Veterans Of Steemit @rakkasan84 and others are running this community and the @Canna-Curate communities on Steemit is supporting not only me but the veterans and many others on this platform and I want to say "Thank You" to all of them for their support not only in this but in their encouragement everyday. 

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Thanks for the kind words, about us and Rakkason. Things are never perfect, but if each man trys to better himself, and reaches out to his fellow man, it damn near could be perfect. Now I wish I can just snap my fingers and make everything good, but we all know it just does not work that way. Keep your head up, and just know you got the support of Canna, and the Vets of Steemit!


Thanks, Brother! Nothing is perfect but we can work together and make it as good for each other as we can.

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