Walking with Grandma...Making Naan Bread!

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I'm back...had another of those famously busy weeks that Summer brings. Last week, I got to take care of my grand daughter, Sophie, for a couple of days, so that her mama, @smylie2005 could help Daddy at work!

cover sophie and mama 6.1.18.jpg

At a precocious 3, Sophie loves to be involved with whatever is going on in the kitchen...and she loves her bread! What better an opportunity to make some magic and some memories! We're going to bring you along for the ride, Steemian friends! C'mon in the kitchen with Sophie and I...let's bake up some Naan Bread!

Naan Bread
1/2 cup warm water (about 105 degrees F)
1 packet active dry or instant yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
1 egg, large, lightly beaten
1/3 cup yogurt (sour cream works, too)
1/4 cup olive oil
2.5 cups all purpose or bread flour
1 teaspoon sea salt

bread naan 1 ingredients.jpg

The hardest part of this is gathering the ingredients together! If you've ever baked with a three year old, you know the anticipation of the 'fun' part is almost too much to bear, as Grandma gathers together the items we need...and, OMG! she has to stop and take pictures!!!

You got your stuff together??? C'mon...Sophie's waiting!

bread naan 2 water sugar yeast.jpg

Like any good bread recipe, it starts with simplicity...the sugar, water and yeast. If using active dry yeast, you'll want to mix together and let it sit for 10 minutes or so, to get the yeast to wake up. We had fast acting yeast...so we can move right along. Sophie has no time for waiting on yeast to wake up!

bread naan 4 sophie holding yogurt to pour in.jpg

In goes the yogurt (or sour cream). We had to use sour cream. I don't usually have unflavored yogurt in the fridge...it's just not something we widely use. These guys like their yogurt to be strawberry, or some other fruity combo!

bread naan 3 add egg and yogurt or sour cream.jpg

And the egg goes in. Mix it all together.

bread naan 5 half flour added add rest half cup at a time.jpg

Add in one cup of the flour and stir it in. You'll have a big, sloppy mess! That's fun!

bread naan 6 working in the flour hand kneading.jpg

After the first cup of flour, the rest is added in half cup increments, working each in before the next is added. We'll knead the very last half cup in a few tablespoons at a time.

bread naan 7 last bits of flour go in.jpg

Kneading was a workout! Believe it, or not, Sophie doesn't like her hands getting sticky and messy...it was something different for her to be able to get messy and just keep on going.

bread naan 8 front view sticky hands.jpg

See? Sticky fingers, sticky hands!

bread naan 9 balled for rise.jpg

So, I cleaned up our Sophie's very messy hands, and finished working the last of the flour in to the dough. Then, it gets rolled into a ball and rests, to rise, covered, in a spot over the oven. It'll take about an hour for the dough to double in size; when it does, you're ready to proceed. Until then, let's go out and feed the chicks!

cover 6.7.18 chicks, who me.jpg

I feed these guys in the morning, with their grit, chicken feed and fresh water. Sometimes they get scratch and snax in the afternoon. When they see Sophie, they know the 'good stuff' is coming! We go out to the gardens and pick herbs and berries, grass and weeds. The 'girls' know that Sophie brings the treats! This little buff orpington, Blondie, is first in line!

bread naan 10 divide into 8 balls.jpg

After we came in, and washed up, it was time to resume our baking. The dough had risen double...I punched it down gently and divided it into eight fairly equal pieces.

bread naan 11 flatten for roll out.jpg

We flatten out the rounds before rolling out, so they're easier to manage.

bread naan 12 roll 6 inch half inch thick give or take.jpg

We're looking for a semi-round-ish 6 inch shape...it's rustic, what can I say! The fun is in the journey! About a quarter inch thick...or whatever... In the meantime, I have my comal heating up on the stove. A comal is a cast iron flat pan used, traditionally, in Mexican cooking for tortillas and such. The cast iron lasts forever, and it holds the heat well. Naan is normally cooked in a blazing hot oven or tandoor. It's Texas, it's already hot...no way is that oven getting turned on to 500 degrees F.

bread naan 13 sophie's naan.jpg

While Sophie continues working with the Naan rounds, I'll take care of the stove part of the process. If you don't have a comal, you can use a large cast iron skillet. Heat it up over medium high heat.

bread naan 14 cook on comal till bubbly.jpg

Part of what makes Naan so delicious are the airy bubbles! As the first side browns, the bubbles rise. When it's good and bubbly, like this, it's time to flip. It takes just a few minutes...don't wander off anywhere!

bread naan 15 flip.jpg

And, the flip, and the landing! A few more minutes, to brown the other side, and it's done! Stack them up on a plate.

bread naan 16 the stack.jpg

In a matter of minutes, you'll have a stack of eight fluffy, delicious Naan bread! Great for sopping up the deliciousness of any stew or curry...or just as tasty slathered with butter and eaten warm!

I hope you'll give this a try this Summer, as an alternative to baking in the dreaded oven! Stay cool! Make memories, not sweat! And, always, always, keep on Steemin' on! Till later, my friends!


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Nothing like a day hanging out and cooking with your cute little granddaughter to put all of life's problems in perspective, right? :) And the chicks are so darn cute too!


Looking at life with the innocent curiosity of a three year old does wonders for this soul!

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She has so much fun with grandma! I love that you two get to spend some one on one time together and I get to help daddy get extra work done! Thanks for all you do momma! Love you!


My pleasure, hon! I'll have to figure out what we're going to cook this week!

Fun with grandma!! :D

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I didn't even know what Naan bread is lol, but it looks delicious.. and you had two pair of hands to help you I see :)


Thanks! Naan is an East Indian bread...kind of like Greek pita or Italian piadina...or a super fat tortilla. The yogurt/sour cream gives it a moister texture, though. Good stuff!

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I am really enjoying reading your posts. You have a fantastic way with words. Thank you for the post on naan bread. I usually make sourdough bread but I might try this for something different. I wonder if it would work with sourdough? I am going to check it out.

Oh and I love the little buff orpington chick in the photo. That is adroable. Thanks again.


Aww, thanks for such kind words, @carey-page! Let me know if it works with sourdough! This naan recipe kind of has a chewy quality to it, as is, with the yogurt or sour cream being in it. What can sourdough hurt, after all?
The chicks are such a mess! In a fun, huggy way! I need to post the pics of them playing with their watermelon pinatas!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


I am going in to town today. I will pick up the supplies to do both and see how it goes. That actually might make a great post.

Seeing the chicks play with watermelon pinatas would be neat. It is always fun to see babies no matter what they are.

Thanks so much for chatting. Have a fantastic day.