Echinacea: What I'm Planning & Healthy2018 (Hubby) Update

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Last week we started a seed swap in the HSO Discord community and group and I had offered up some echinacea seeds, as I had over 2k seeds sitting here and knew there was no way I would be able to use them all. So far I have had three people request some. Two people have received the seeds and the third one was mailed out yesterday.

Well, in my search for continuing healthier lifestyle, I have echinacea in the herb and flower garden area and am anxiously awaited for the cold be done and the last frost to be gone so my little herbs and flowers can start blooming. But in my impatience, I had gone to a health food store about an hour away from our home two weeks ago when we went out to dinner to celebrate some steemit successes.

I picked up some 400mg Echinacea capsules because the bottle advertised for good immune health. Well, with winter here and the flu bug running rampant; I figured, why not.


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Health Benefits of Echinacea

  • Immune booster
  • Potential cold prevention
  • Shortens cold symptoms
  • Can be used topically for sores, wounds and skin problems
  • Stomach acid issues (GERD)
  • For nausea

One thing that provoked me further to buy the capsules was that you are able to open them up and use the echinacea powder in your tea(s). While standing in the store, I searched online for safety precautions, spoke with the sales person and was feeling confident this would be beneficial to try.

When I made my weekly herbal tea batch over the weekend, I added one capsule to the steeping tea.

I am all for building up my immune system. Even though I don't work outside the house, I still go out in public on occasion and I have no desire to get sick. So if taking a capsule a day, or adding the echinacea powder inside a capsule to my tea mixture will help, then I'm all for it.

I still have about 1200 seeds left- not that I am doing a precise count, they are so small and my vision is so bad, but I am planning on sprouting about two more dozen seeds soon. I have four seedlings from last year that grew but never actually matured and produced flowers to use; so I am hoping this spring and summer they will take off.

Healthy2018 Update On Hubby's Health


Last month we had learned from a routine wellness check that my husband's cholesterol was OUT OF CONTROL. I set to changing our menu plan, diet, exercise and other ways (added a cholesterol lowering prescription) to lower his ticking time bomb.

Well last week he went to the doctor for another blood draw to check his cholesterol levels. And much to our relief I got news today that his cholesterol has dropped from over 400 to a nice 176.
His triglycerides AND his overall cholesterol were both 176. His doctor chuckled a little and said in all his years, he's never had a patient come out with the same number for both.

No matter, relief washed over me and tonight as a celebratory dinner I am making him his favorite Mediterranean meal- what I like to call Mediterranean Pasta Goulash.


1-lb lean ground beef or ground lamb
1 can low sodium beef or chicken broth
1 can diced tomatoes
1/2 onion diced
2 cloves garlic- diced/chopped finely
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp allspice
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 cup frozen spinach- thawed and squeezed of moisture/water

1 cup penne pasta (uncooked)
Feta cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Brown meat, onions and garlic
Add broth, tomatoes, all spices and pasta. Let simmer in a low rolling bowl until pasta is cooked to preferred firmness. Toss in spinach and stir. Just before serving sprinkle Feta Cheese on top and season with salt & pepper.

So now my next goal in his cholesterol fiasco is to get the number down more, have him off the prescribed medications and to continue eating healthy. With spring and summer getting ready to knock on our door here, I know we will get outside more frequently for exercise.

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OMGosh!!! I just laughed out! Thanks!

My mum swears by Echinacea. She's 85 and it's been years since she had a cold. She was visiting us at Christmas and while, we all got colds one by one, she managed to avoid one yet again.

I'm definitely going to start taking capsules now as this winter I've been poorly twice and found it hard to shift. Thanks for the reminder!

That's great! Makes me even more excited to be using it!

You are really doing a great job for watching over your hubby and shows a great concern about his well being. I believe that the next time the cholesterol level must have drop to normal. I guess you will enjoy the Mediterranean Pasta Goulash together.

Regards @funkylove

His normal should be under 150. So considering where it was in December, I am so happy!

It is so crazy. Our chiropractor told us that when he finished school in the early 90's high cholesteral was over 350! Every 5 years they lower it. It is for each to handle as they see fit, but he also said statins are a huge push and actually cause muscle loss.

I am so pleased to hear his run away numbers were put back in check! Yikes, I can imagine that was a little nerve wrecking.

Yeah, it was. I was freaking out thinking he was going to drop any second.
But the relief is here and I am feeling much better about where our health is heading.

I used to buy liquid Echinacea and add a few drops to water to help boost the immune system but haven't bought it for years as it is now rather expensive. We eat raw garlic on bread with low fat cream cheese regularly to help keep the bugs at bay ~ and unwanted neighbours ~ haha! And I regularly boil up filtered water, with fresh slices of ginger, to help keep us well; this makes a refreshing drink and sometimes we add honey for an extra healthy kick.


Intrigued about how you intend using the Echinacea you grow?

Have you any spare seeds left I can purchase or scrounge please?

Fantastic about your husband.

Be well ;)


I still have seeds.Connect with me on Discord chat and I can get some out to you this week.

Have you tried garlic honey? I made some a few months ago (fermenting) and have been taking a teaspoon every morning. It really gets you going in the morning!

GINGER is like the spice/herb/root for all that ails you! I love ginger!

Garlic infused honey sounds like it would pack a punch ~ do you just pop cloves into a jar of honey?

I just tried to find you on Discord but it didn't recognise your name?



Yes- here is my post

Ok, is your name the same on discord?

It is.



I have been on a roller coaster ride with cholesterol for a few years. When I am exercising regularly its fine, but I have some injury issues that keep me from my preferred routine all the time. The meds definitely work, but I just would prefer to do it without. Glad to hear you and your husband got the numbers down so quickly.

Yeah, I fractured my femur in December 2016, and it took me a long time to get the strength back in that leg. The fracture was right where my femur meets my knee; it was bad.

But getting back on track was crucial after his doctor visit last year.

woohoo! congrats on getting those numbers down! you'll see even more progress in the spring with exercise - i am excited for y'all =D

We have been working real hard with our food, menus and even trying to get more exercise despite the colder than normal winter here.

i love Echinacea, chamomile, cayenne, garlic, and mint for a remedy for nearly everything that ails you. i use the capsule form of each.

Do you mix them all together? Or use individually?

depends on the issue. for a sore throat i use echinaccea, garlic, & cayenne. for stomach issues i use chamomile, mint, and echinaccea. dandelion is a great alternative to garlic if garlic is to hot for you. ginger makes a great throat soothing warm tea...

Oh cool! I am writing this down! Thank you so much for sharing.

What a great achievement getting those numbers down on your husband's cholesterol. Way to go to both of you.

Yeah, needless to say I am ecstatic about the numbers! Now if I can just keep him out of the food truck that comes around his work daily! He's so sneaky some days!

Hahaha! that you know he needs to be watched around the food truck is telling what a great relationship you have. They certainly can be like kids. I'm so happy for both of you on those numbers. Here's to your continued success at keeping him in line. lol

Echinacea is amazing as an immune booster. I used to swim competitively and got ear infections all the time. Once I found out about echinacea, I started the habit of putting a few drops of the tincture in my sports bottle so I was always drinking it whenever I rehydrated, and it must have helped my immune system because those infections went away altogether! I don't swim any longer but always keep a bottle of it in the house for when I've been exposed to germs from other people. It took me a while to get used to the taste, but now I find it quite pleasant. Hope it works for you!
Oh and the flowers are really pretty. I don't have a garden or I'd love to grow some. :)

Really? That's something I wish I had known years ago. I am susceptible to swimmers' ear and suffering MANY times over the years.

I have to do some research on Echinacea. I wonder if can grow it in this weather. By the way have you tried oats, they can be good for the cholesterol too. I often give oats soup to my father. Someday I may share the recipe :)


Yes he has been eating oatmeal 5 days of the week for breakfast. And I have been eating the yogurt/oatmeal cups that I have been making.

Congratulations that is Awesome ❗️🎉.
The goulash looks delicious.

Yeah we are quite proud to have done such a great job in the last two months.


Great to hear of the numbers. Yes, getting off those meds would be even better.

Great news about your hubby. I am sure you will keep him on the straight and narrow path to making sure he eats right, lol.