Our first order!

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I am sure most of you know very well that we as a family are proud vendors in the Homesteaders Coop - @homesteaderscoop!

Our page is this: https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/bghandmade/

As my language skills are not good enough, I will not describe in detail what that platform is. You can read all about it in the profile above. We're thankful to @sagescrub for accepting us!

After a few weeks in the coop, husband @bobydimitrov decided to add some of our seeds we collect from the garden to our page. This is a first for us, as we have never sold seeds online.

Soon we got our first order in the shop and guess what, it was for seeds! I was amazed and really pleased that someone has interest in what we grow!

The order came from @captainklaus and it was for our chickpea mix of white and black seeds. This makes him our first customer in the coop shop ever!

To celebrate that and in support for his idea and mission of turning crypto into something real, we decided to ship the seeds to him for free!

Not only that but we also sent much more seeds than the listing says. Everyone was very excited and helped! Baby girl separated black from white seeds. Our boy counted them and insisted to include with the order a piece of paper where the wrote the count. He's just learning to write so he was very proud with this little number card as he called it. I added a business card of our handmade paper, stamped with our custom stamp. Hubby made a little box from cardstock and packaged and sent via the post with the added bonus of a tracking number.

So tomorrow the package will start the journey to @captinklaus and we hope he will soon receive it!

As an added bonus, here's a link to an article about our chickpea growing experience: https://steemit.com/gardening/@bobydimitrov/why-are-we-growing-chickpeas

We really hope Klaus would post a progress report about the growing of those seeds!

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You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

Congratulations on your first order. It is so wonderful to hear about whole families becoming involved in this step towards sustainability. We are so proud of you, and all our vendors, and this new journey you all are on, and we are even more pleased to see customers supporting them. Every step forward is a step in the right direction.

We wish you every success and look forward to hearing about your growing business.

Homesteaders Co-op

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OOOOOOH, exciting! Checking the mail daily :)


Great news!