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That sounds awful. Selling a home and moving is hard enough without having to deal with the added complication of a park office. Why are you not able to just sell directly? Are they getting financing through the park office? Or is the credit check for the rent of the space? Just curious...

Best of luck. My upvote's not worth much but it's yours.


It could be easier, that's for sure. The credit and background check is for the lot rent, $250/month. I'm selling my place full-price for cash (or Steem :). The park office had bought other mobile homes and were re-selling them and offering financing, which is something I can't do. That option to finance was more attractive to my potential buyers, so I lost them after they had been approved for the lot rent. It was after they were approved that the park office offered them the financing deals on the places they had for sale. I found their customers for them, in other words. Not cool.

Thanks for the encouragement. My current buyer isn't interested in financing and wants my place, so we're just waiting on someone in the office to do run her application background/credit checks early next week. So close.

A cash buyer - what could be simpler?

I'd be furious too, if the management was out of the office.

We recently hired a real estate company to handle renting out our place for the winter. We've had nightmare tenants before, so we thought we'd leave it to the pros.

Well, they did nothing to find a tenant. They showed it to three people, didn't show up for two other appointments they had made, and then recommended a family with too many kids and pets - for a small two bedroom house that isn't pet friendly.

We ended up having to place a Craigslist ad, show it ourselves, then pass the prospects off to the company for credit and criminal background checks. For this they charged us a full month's rent.

Don't get me started on Real Estate people. Oh, too late - sorry!

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