Sunset on the hardy our food forest this evening. Actinidia arguta. It will soon be a kiwi tunnel! Bite size kiwis like grapes! Mmmmmm!

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The hardy kiwi trellis built against our home..allows for us to grow vertically and across the pathway that leads around our food forest. We utilized galvanized steel fence posts and wire to build the trellis system against the house. The opposite side we used cattle fencing attached to wood posts. Super strong! I’ll post more photos... below when I get inside from our evening food forest stroll.

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When you walk through the gate into our backyard....on the north first enter the tunnel. It's just starting to thicken up and cross the pathway! We dreamed of this for a LONG TIME! The kiwi will provide food but also provide shade for this side of the home. Plus...the leaves are just gorgeous!


The kiwis are planted just under the rain eave of the home. They are planted on a slight grade and the whole pathway...they are planted a deep bed of decomposing wood matter. TONS of fungi action!


You can see the kiwi vining up anywhere they can grab on! Up the vertical poles....and laterally along the tensile cables.


The leaves are just gorgeous. They have always called to me!


Here's a few strains we are growing. HERE'S A LINK TO WHERE WE BOUGHT OURS:

Below are all females. We also have 2 males. ;)




It's LONG TERM project...growing kiwi. We are 3 years in...and they are still vegging...and claiming their space. Dreaming them across the path....and down the other side. I can just good it will walk through a tunnel of green...into our secret garden....while munching bright green...SWEET berries!



If you want to see a video on this awesome plant this fellow gardener ...lays out some good nuggets of INFO:

CLICK take a FULL VIDEO tour of our food forest... and view our kiwi trellis UP CLOSE!

Thanks for viewing fellow Steemians!


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Nice @rawutah.
I planted some once but the they didn't make it. My fault. Weeds, weed whacker, OOPS!
Will try again someday...

  • You don't even have to peel these, right? Have you tried dehydrating excess? I like doing that with the big ones, just curious how it would work for these...

exactly my don't even have to peel these little buggers! just pop em in like a grape!!!!! haven't tried dehydrating. this is our second attempt with these kinds of kiwis also. microclimate is everything! they LOVE afternoon shade...and deep infrequent watering. lol...oh man the weed wacker! i took a year off one of these vines growth with a tip of a wheel barrow...DOHHHHH! for your comment! i appreciate it!!!!

We got around 2 pounds of hardy kiwi last year. I will be setting out more plants this year!


wow @josephinky!!!! thanks for linking me to that post and image! they look like they tasted wondeful! 2 pounds is amazing!!! set more plants out and post on it please!!!!!


Fall 2016, I planted around 40 paw paw seeds and 50 persimmon tree seeds. Most came up last year. I potted them up and gave a bunch away. Looking at them the other day ( I was planning on planting them). I found every last one of them dead. We had awful winter. Shockingly, the small kiwi vines I in the same spot, in the same pots are all alive. My conclusion is that cold hardy kiwi are more hardy than trees native to My area!


yesssss!!!!!!! plant more of those hardy kiwis!!!! wow my friend....that's so many persimmon and paw paw!!!!!!! i can't wait to see what you get to grow this year..and the harvests!

beautiful, home page if the tree is already dense.


thank you siwak. yes, it's getting more dense every year. i hope very soon it will make a nice shade tunnel to walk under. :)

Wow! Very cool! Great kiwis.

Brother, Success!


Sister....success!!!!!!! thank you dear friend....your comments always make my day! we appreciate you soooooo much!

Amazing video! I enjoy it. And I appreciate your marvelous photography.


thank you so much @msena! i really appreciate that. i love photography. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Mmmm I'm dreaming....dream dream dream!!!! Kiwi tunnel town and walking through the tunnel together 😊


that'll be a dream come true and BEYOND!!!!! SOON...beloved!

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