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I'm pretty excited. I've been really busy trying to clear out a place for it go. It's about as large as two microwaves, one stacked on top of another. Do you have the Excalibur? I was looking at that one. It seems to be the most popular one of this style. People absolutely rave about it. The cost of the stainless steel ones was way too much. I think the first thing I'm going to start with is dehydrating some precooked meats and seafood. Also cleaning out of the freezer to dehydrate all those frozen veggies. I also want to try dehydrating canned beans to see how well they rehydrate because they are loaded with salt. If you rehydrate uncooked beans, cooking them with salt before they are tender will not let them get soft enough. I've got precooked frozen shrimp that will be the first thing I try. I dehydrated them before several years ago in one of those circle dehydrators. They were nice and crispy. This is a better dehydrator so it will be fun seeing how fast and evenly it works without having to rotate and baby the trays.


Not an Excalibur. Ours is a Cabela's pro series ten tray dehydrator that was loaned from my best friend. It was taking up space not being used in his storage unit, so he loaned it to us to use.

Sounds like there's not much you can't dehydrate, which is awesome! I may try making my own jerky, as it's an expensive staple in my lunches at work every day. Costs us about $40 a month, so if I could get good beef and make my own, that could translate to a significant savings on our food budget!

As a kid, I remember making dehydrated apples, which was my favorite. Bananas and raisins too. We dehydrated a lot. I'd like to bring that back into our lives.