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Would you look at that?! Efficiency, here we come!

in homestead •  5 months ago

Not an Excalibur. Ours is a Cabela's pro series ten tray dehydrator that was loaned from my best friend. It was taking up space not being used in his storage unit, so he loaned it to us to use.

Sounds like there's not much you can't dehydrate, which is awesome! I may try making my own jerky, as it's an expensive staple in my lunches at work every day. Costs us about $40 a month, so if I could get good beef and make my own, that could translate to a significant savings on our food budget!

As a kid, I remember making dehydrated apples, which was my favorite. Bananas and raisins too. We dehydrated a lot. I'd like to bring that back into our lives.

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