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That's some Grade-A, high-class bullshit from the park office.

What would happen if you just closed up the trailer, shut off or do vacation mode on the mechanicals - and just get on with things? At least you could start investing your time, if not the money (which you're spending anyway).

It sounds to me like the park thinks they have you over a barrel, but they can't make you physically stay there. I doubt they want a vacant-looking unit, so maybe it will be a spur to cooperate.

Otherwise, I'm thinking it might be time for an attorney. That's some shady shit they're pulling.

Good luck, bud!


I have to pay the lot rent whether I'm there or not, and I can't afford to do that. If I stop paying lot rent, they'll just sue me and take the home. They pretty much do have me over a barrel. I could move the home, but I've got nowhere to move it to and that would cost thousands I don't have. Lawyers would cost me more than this place is worth. I have to sell it to have any chance of making it in Arkansas because I need that money to live on and get started. So I just have to put up with their BS until they approve someone to buy it.

I'm starting to think of ways I could legally put pressure on them (revenge as dave mentioned above). I've been a nice guy, and that's my fault, but if this goes on past next week, I'll nail them somehow. I can't stand outside their office with a picket sign all day like I used to be able to do, but I'll get creative. Steemians flooding them with phone calls comes to mind. :)

Thanks for the brainstorm ideas, I really appreciate it. I hate that this situation has gotten this bad, your encouragement really helps.

I wasn't suggesting not paying the rent. Just that you can pay it from Illinois or Arkansas. thus freeing you to get started on investing your time and energy where it'll do you the most good. You don't have to pay the rent in person, do you?

Oh, and you might want to check the Bar Assn for references on attorneys doing pro bono work. Couldn't hurt...

Hang in there & vent when required. ;~D

Yea, the stop paying rent and walking away was an idea that went through my head. My income source here ends in October, so without the proceeds from the sale, I won't have anything to buy the things necessary to start making money in Arkansas.

Without the money selling this place, I won't be able to get electricity or internet or buy pigs or chickens or feed or fencing or chicken wire or paint for birdhouses or containers for potted plants or gas or anything else, and I'd have no income to pay the lot rent.

It'll take months before my efforts along with those investments will start producing income. There isn't anything there right now that I can make $250/month plus my living expenses from right away. If I could go flip burgers at McDonalds, again, I'd be all over that opportunity, but I've got to get creative. It'll take more than my time and energy to start earning any income.

Ah, if your income source is local, then it makes sense you'd need to stay for now.

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