Flower Loom Crafts

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An easy introduction to the world of knitting, looms, and fiber arts in general is the humble flower loom. When I was a child, it was called a Daisy Loom and I still have my original loom.

Individual flowers can be glued or stitched to headbands, stick pins, barrettes, etc. They can be sewn to a purse or sweater or joined into an afghan if enough flowers are made.


I have a collection of looms, old and new. My oldest will even make reversible flowers, perfect for afghans.

Collect your yarn remnants and try this at your house. You need only yarn a loom, and a tapestry needle for stitching the centers. It's productive fun that helps develop small motor skills. Not to mention, idle hands are the Devil's workshop, right? Can't have that! Keep those kids busy and learning.

For more information, see this article


I've never seen this type of loom before. I remember using the French knitting dolls, but never really knew what to do with what was produced from them.

The cord you make with those is what knitters call I-cord. We use it to trim edges of knit garments or coil them and stitch them luke rag rugs to make coasters and placemats.

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This is great! My youngest loves to sew. I am looking for a similar activity he could do on an airplane that wouldn't require too many tools. I will check this out - thank you 🌱

What a interesting finish, haven't seen a flower loom before, as kids we had the wooden cotton thread holders with nails on it, the wool went down wards to make headbands etc with.
Neat to see different creations.

I have the knitting spools you described, too. We made belts and headbands.

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