The Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival: Friday, Setting Up Camp

in homeschool •  6 months ago

Hello, my name is Joshua. I am The Homeschool Kid.

Last Friday I helped my parents set up camp for the Baker Creek Spring Festival. When we got there we realized that they wanted us to camp in a field of DOZENS of cows. They looked at us like we were trespassing on their property!

These are some of the photos I got of the cows.





This is a video of us setting up camp.

That's it for today stay tuned for more posts from The Homeschool Kid.
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I looks like you guys had fun at the Baker Creek Spring Festival. Camping until the cows came home! @ironshield

Adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Yep, they are saying..... "Why are you walking on my dinner!?" Lol

Hope you had fun at the festival!!