Coming to an End: Homeschool 2017/2018

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Our 7th Grade homeschool year is coming to an end, which marks the end of seven years working together. I think it's important to meditate on the number of years Sir and I have worked together, not so much the grade level.

Children go through so many phases of knowledge, wisdom, physical changes, and hormonal changes. It is important that I take those other things and place them within the equation; if not, I could easily miss the fact that he had an awesome homeschool year. Sometimes our progress is pointed out by his pediatrician; she has 3 boys, (the youngest is Sir's age). She and I were pregnant at the same time (I only have Sir, no other children). She's been through the phases twice before me and is more able to recognize how well we are doing.

I never think we're doing well. Never. I often tell Sir that I know I'm doing a poor job, and he tries to assure me that I'm a great mom. Whatever! He's wrong, she's wrong, and I'm right!

Based on what I think she'd say, we've had another remarkable year of learning. Based on my assessment, I gave 100% of my effort and energy this homeschool year. I'll find out on Thursday (the final day of homeschool) how he feels about our learning.

No matter what, summer break is here and it will give us time to utilize all that we've learned. How well we do outside of school is the most important outcome and purpose of education.


~MissNikkiAnn (@missnikkiann)

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