Productive Play - Recreating the Penthouse Suite

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After finishing creating three rooms of hand-painted,
hand-laid paper floors,

the next step of fun began.

I got to co-create with this amazing woman
who loves organization, detail, design, beauty,
sustainability and functionality as I do.

We've spent several days together in productive play.
One of our many projects has been to redecorate the penthouse/presidential suite.

Not only did we create a dreamy, comfy, decadent
space for the future President of the United States Adam Kokesh,

but we also , cleared some energy and gave the space
a fresh and loving energetic infusion,
while using our combined powers and strengthened beauty
of our connected sisterhood.

We made it bright and cherry with lots of pillows
and bright fabrics.
We also made it rich and warm with
velvet panel curtains and chenille knitted throws.

We used handmade rugs from princes over the
vastness of this leather-look floor,
handwoven fabric throws at the foot of the bed,
and many hand embroidered pillows and runners on the tables.

We adorned the room with ancient fossil plates,
salt lamps,

stone hearts, 

hand-gathered sea shells,
hand-carved jade pieces,

and TrasHeart on the walls made by me
with all found and recycled materials,

Our copper pyramid over the bed set the tone for a very meditative yet energized sacred space.

Creating with love is so rewarding,
and doing it with a kindred spirit is icing on the cake!
I'm grateful for the opportunity to live my passions
and share them with others.
A life where I get to do what I want to do everyday
is truly a blessing.

Endless thanks to @quinneaker for holding space at the @gardenofeden
and all realms for such a reality to exist!

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I really like what you have done with whole place

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Thanks @appreciator! Nice screen name!

Nice post!

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