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Zhuhai is known as the "City of a Hundred Islands", and the essence of Zhuhai tourism lies between the mountains and the sea, and even more so in the unique and beautiful Wanshan Islands, which are more than 150 islands of all sizes beyond the mouth of the Pearl River, including Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong, Taipa and Coloane Island in Macau, but most of them are now under the jurisdiction of Zhuhai City, including Sanzao Island, Hengqin Island, Qiao Island, Guishan Island, Dong'ao Island, Wai Lending and other islands, but also includes the islands of Jiapeng Island, Tanji Island, Sanmen Island, Gaolan Island and other island groups, the Zhuhai part of the Wanshan Islands, the vast majority of the islands are still relatively remote, tourism is relatively well developed, the most beautiful natural scenery, humanities and historical monuments should be Dong'ao Island.
Dong'ao Island is located in the south of the Wanshan Islands, and is a classic island in Zhuhai, the city of 100 islands, and was awarded the first place in the "Ten Scenic Views of Zhuhai" for its natural landscape with the "Silver Beach of the Beautiful Island". The island's vegetation is very luxuriant, with a forest coverage rate of 80%, and the whole island retains its original natural ecological environment intact. However, due to the frequent wars and inward migration of the population, the island gradually lost its former glory.
Summer is the season for the islands, and because of the proximity to the sea, we choose one or two islands, each year to visit, and it must be a two-day trip to have fun. But my wife didn't think so. The sunless, overcast sky was her idea of a good day because it wasn't sunny. Although the actual time on the island was less than 24 hours due to the ferry, I climbed the Honeymoon Pavilion, walked the Rock View Promenade, swam, watched the sunrise, visited the monuments, and basically took in all the beauty of Dong'ao Island, trying to control my desire to press the shutter (too many photos to sort out), and still took over 300 beautiful photos of Dong'ao Island.
Although the island is hot and sunny in summer, and all kinds of consumption are also high, but the island still must go in summer, because you can see the blue sky, feel the salty sea breeze, and plunge into the blue sea.
Dong'ao Island is a very beautiful island with picturesque scenery, I just hate that I can't take in all the 180-degree sea views through my lens.
Dong'ao Island was named after the concave spot in the middle of the island, which was a good shelter from the wind, and I guess this is one of the main reasons why Dong'ao Island was once the most prosperous island in the Wanshan Islands.
If there is one point of origin on Dong'ao Island, it is this lighthouse, which is also the main pier on the island, where the majority of tourist dock.
Next to the lighthouse is where the islanders live and where the island's main accommodation is located. Dong'ao Island is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Dong'ao Office, Wanshan Town, Wanshan Marine Development Pilot Zone, Zhuhai.
The lighthouse is the origin, facing the sea, and about 3km to the right is the diamond beach Nansha Bay on Dong'ao Island.
Nansha Bay is the largest beach on Dong'ao Island, but it's actually not very big, with a length of just 3 or 4 hundred metres. The sand is fine, and the wind direction determines the cleanliness of the seawater, which happened to blow all the rubbish over on our day.
Small bee on the beach.
The service area at Nanshawan beach is not cheap. There is not much construction around Nanshawan now, but a five-star hotel is being built.
Don't think it's cheap to stay in a tent on the beach at Nansha Bay, there's no water or electricity, it's 200RMB a night, and you have to pay 100RMB management fee to bring your own tent.
The Lending coast is remembered by Wen Tianxiang, who said, "I am afraid of the beach, I am afraid of the sea, I am afraid of the ocean. The phrase, "Who has died since the beginning of time?", has left behind many historical relics of this archipelago.
In the late afternoon, I decided to climb up to Honeymoon Pavilion, the highest point in Nansha Bay, to get a panoramic view of Nansha Bay, with a total of 1008 steps.
Halfway up the hill, you can get a full view of the triangular-shaped diamond beach Nansha Bay, where all those swimming in the sea at midday are warriors.
At the top of the hill is the Honeymoon Pavilion, which is indeed a great place for a honeymoon, but I was the only one in an empty pavilion.
The Honeymoon Pavilion is a great place to enjoy the view of the sea and sky.
The parapet of the Honeymoon Pavilion has images of various ethnic groups, each with a man and a woman.
Climbing to the top of the somewhat dilapidated pavilion, the large bell design was more appealing, so after ringing the bell a few times, we began to enjoy the unparalleled sea view from all sides.
As far as the eye can see, the view is all green hills and blue sky and blue sea, which is my kind of view.
The sea and sky are one of the reasons why I love the island.
The uninhabited island, lying quietly in the vast inlet of the Pearl River.
Dong'ao Island against the backdrop of pink oleander flowers.
The villa buildings on the hillside are the Dong'ao Resort, the only place to stay near Nansha Bay, but it's said to be OK on the outside, but sloppy on the inside, and it's extremely inconvenient, with no options for eating or anything else.
If you are looking for accommodation, we recommend visiting Dong'ao Village, the only settlement on the island, where there are many homestay and some restaurants and shops.
The owner of the hotel told me that the beacon was a good place to see the sunrise over the sea, but they themselves were not sure what time the sun came up, so I woke up at 4 am and walked alone for 20 minutes in the dark on the beach with the faint light of my mobile phone.
Luckily I wasn't the first one to arrive, the family arrived earlier than I did, and then we waited stupidly on the beach until 6 o'clock when the sun came up lazily.
The dreadful thing was that a large part of the sky was cloudless, but there was a thick layer of clouds right over the yolk, and the big yolk jumped out of the sea.
When I got back it was already light, I saw a sign on the side of the road saying "Aliens" and looked into the sea, and man, was it scary, but it was too dark to see it clearly.
There was a bamboo worm lying on the leaves by the side of the road, hey, I finally saw the mimicry in my junior high school biology textbook for the first time.
Well, back to breakfast, grabbed the wife and kids, and continued on to the part of the trail where I was scared to watch the sunrise in the morning.
Facing the sea, to the left of the lighthouse, is the Stone View Promenade, where the main human and historical sites of Dong'ao Island are located, and the natural scenery along the way is very nice.
One of the two cliff carvings on Dong'ao Island, "The sea is flat", is said to contain a code for Zhang Baozai's hidden treasure, which is said to remain a mystery to this day.
The boulder behind the cliff carving has a narrow gap through which a person can pass, giving a sense of mystery.
The seaside is also very beautiful, with boulders and crystal clear water. The location of the stone promenade is actually the recessed part of Dong'ao Island.
If you're going to the island, you'll have to be lucky to get a clear blue sky, otherwise, you'll get a lot of bad photos, but you'll get a lot of sunshine.
Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, Dong'ao Island is also home to three historical sites from the Qing Dynasty: the Dong'ao Customs House, built-in 1898, the Dong'ao Singijeong Castle, built in 1729, and a beacon platform, also built-in 1729.
This is the site of the Tung O Customs House, which was built in Tung O in 1898 when the British leased the islands of the New Territories, Lantau and Cheung Chau to replace the Cheung Chau Revenue Office of the Kowloon Customs.
And this beacon from the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty is the only conical beacon in Guangdong.
It is 1.7 metres high, built of refined triple clay and stone, and over 280 years of typhoon storms have failed to destroy it, a feat of engineering that puts today's high-rise bridges to shame.
A few dozen metres past the beacon is an even stronger stone fortress, built entirely of boulders, also in the seventh year of the Yongzheng era (1729).
Dong'ao Singijeong is an important ancient military site outside the mouth of the Pearl River, where 50 soldiers were stationed, and was under the jurisdiction of Xiangshan County.
The site was occupied by Zhang Baozai of the "Five Colours Gang" in 1796 under the banner of "fighting against the Qing Dynasty and the foreigners", and was used by the British to smuggle opium during the Daoguang period.
Singing City is surrounded by greenery and lush vegetation and is covered with plants both inside and outside the city.
The fortress on the wall, if it were not for the rapid development of tourism on Dong'ao Island this year, I am afraid that this Singijeong City in the dense forest would have been swallowed up by the luxuriant vegetation.
The road actually forms a closed circle around the island, but it takes about 2 or 3 hours to walk around it, and it is said that there are not many views beyond the General's Rock.
This is one of the General's Stones, and there are several on Dong'ao Island, all of which are human-shaped boulders.
The Generals' Stones watch over the blue sea every day, and this is a great place to take panoramic photos, in a 180-degree view of the sea, which I didn't have on my DSLR, so I took a few with my phone.
There is also a smaller rock general on the hill, and the sea breeze creates these strange rock scenes.
Some people say that Dong'ao Island is the most beautiful island in Zhuhai's Wanshan Islands, because apart from Hengqin Island and Qi'ao Island, which are already connected to the mainland, Dong'ao Island is the first island I've visited in the Wanshan Islands, so it's not easy to compare, but the scenery on Dong'ao Island is really very good, both in terms of natural and human landscapes. Although I think it was a little short and the water was dirty that day, so my impression was greatly reduced, but anyway, Dong'ao Island is still a very worthwhile island.