More Crazy at the Crazy House part 3

in holiday •  17 days ago 

Beyond that, it had become a spectacle for others to admire and ponder over. Perhaps trying to understand this human formed work of art was the embodiment of nature itself. An enigma that not everybody can grasp, yet those who do can only make a limited connection between man and nature.

Thoughts continued to swirl around in my head and I was always amazed at how diverse and eye catching each building was. The intricate designs featured detailed designs that adopted organic shapes and colours that began to remind me of the very wild. Yet looking a little higher and above, an exquisite design that seemed like a Dutch Windmill would manifest. This mashup was very much a mixture of organic and man made needs that resulted in the Crazy House. I was quite excited to know more about the Crazy House and would stay here for just a while longer to think, explore and discover the wonders that were embedded here.

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