Beads and Buckskin

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One of my hobbies is doing bead work on leather. I have given away most of the pieces that I have made over the years, and don't have too many photos. Except for a couple of things I have made for myself.


I have all of my supplies in a wooden box that has great little divider trays to make things easy to find.


These are the moccasins I am beading to match the bag I have already completed.


Making a stitch
With this stitch, sometimes called the lazy stitch, you will need to count the beads (you will be beading in rows – or Lanes – so each will need to have the same number of beads).
Load the needle with beads (usually 7 or 8 beads).
Slide the beads down the length of string all the way to the piece of leather.
Use a thimble, or develop calluses on your needle pushing finger to get the needle into the leather!

This is the fringed buckskin leather skirt I am making and beading with a Woodland design. I use an artificial sinew for the thread, with a size 10 beading needle, and size 10 beads. I'm not sure this one will ever be completed in my lifetime!20171017095831_IMG_2601.JPG


HobbyHub Challenge @sweetpea

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You must have an extremely steady hand to do all that fine bead-work, it's all very beautiful! Another unique hobby, awesome!

Thank you for participating in this week's Hobby Hub challenge - upped and resteemed, much love, @sweetpea

·'s not the steadiness as much as the eyesight that is slowing me down these days!

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Wow @melinda010100 My mom also like to made handicraft :)


Thanks, Theia. I love having something to keep my hands busy, but these days I spend more time typing comments than I do sewing! are beads..nice work done,upeed


Thank you!!





Looks like indian art! It is so very beautiful. Great job, Melinda!


Thanks! The older I get, the harder it is to do. My eyes are not what they used to be, for the tiny details!

Wow! I had no idea you could do beadwork like this! It takes someone with true artistic talent and skill to complete one of these.

Thank you for taking the time and patience to go over this. I am quite impressed! You surprise me a little bit more each day.

Thanks again! Nice post!


The more time I spend online the less time I make to do some of these old hobbies! Maybe I'll find time to do some beading this winter.


I have had to learn the meaning of balance - all over again! This has been a hard lesson in learning what is important in life. XOXO

Just stunning, dear Melinda! Love it!

That's quite a talent you have, Sis! @melinda010100 I'm impressed!

Everytime my family traveled West when I was young, I'd longingly admire pieces of work such as yours wishing I could buy a pair of decorated moccasins or a beaded purse as a souvenir.

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This is supercool!!!! You are so talented!!!


Thanks, my friend! ❤

I love this!! Such an inspiring hobby - and so productive. Great post and good luck with the challenge.
upped and resteemed.


Thank you! I appreciate it!!