Knitting Is My Hobby

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@sweetpea mentioned in a comment to me about her challenge #4, and I am joining this month challenge!

I was forced to learn to knit as a a child, and I hated it then, for a very long time until I have a family of my own. I wanted to have something special, hand made by me, for my first born.

There is something about the intimacy of working with my hands, stitch by stitch, designing the pattern, picking out the color, the feel and texture of yarn that I weaved into a wearable item that really gave me such a satisfying feeling.

knitting 2.JPG
I started out with a hat, then booties, then scarf, and tackled a baby blanket. I knit when I am watching TV, going for a ride, waiting at the doctor's office, or watching my children's games.

Knitting keeps my mind busy, focusing on just one thing at a time, and relaxing me. My skill in knitting is very limited, but I can figure things out on my own, or reading books, or watching YouTube if I am stuck on a pattern or design.

knitting 1.JPG
This was the hat I made for myself to wear when I go my youngest's soccer game. It is cold out there. Red and white colors are their school colors. Mom has to blend in somehow!

It is just a simple slouch beanie, but to keep the sun out of my eyes, I added a brim. I can usually make one hat a day if I am REALLY INTO it.

This past few years I must slow down since I have tendonitis in both wrists; and my doctor advised me to limit my activities.

If you have a hobby, check out this challenge here:

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Thank you very much!

Oh wow! These are beautiful! When I was a lil younger, I also wanted to knit but for some reason, I had a hard time trying to figure it out.


Thank you sweet @bloghound! You can find so many instructional videos on how to knit on YouTube. I have known people who started to knit by watching YouTube..The good thing is you can bring your knitting project to the beach too :-)

Thank you for your entry into the HobbyHub challenge! I used to knit quite often too, but haven't picked up my needles in ages! I know wht you mean though, its a great feeling when you clothe your family from something you have perosanlly made for them, and with so much love!


I used to knit a lot too for three kids. Every season, they all wanted a new hat to match that season. Now they are all grown. I might have to start on making baby blankets for the future grandchildren, LOL...

Great hobby @icybc ! I used to crocket and loved it many years ago ! Just have no time now a days , to busy blogging on steemit ! LOL! Good luck 👍


Thank you @karenmckersie..You will find time or an inspiration will come across you, and you will picking up a hook soon, lol...


LOL ! Maybe , now that winter is coming , you never know !✌👌👍