Have you heard about cockfighting? Let's me introduce you my fighters ! - steemit exclusive -

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All this time you wonder what does this cock fighter look like? But today let your wonder be gone.

In my backyard there around 30-50 cock fighter all in ready shape to go into fighting arena.
Let me show some of my favourite fighter,
This cock fighter they have variance of colour, size and tail colours.
And some are born Tail-less.
Like this one white pearl silk colour and tail less.
Weird right , I bet you never seen anything like these.
Rare Tail-less chicken/Cockfighters

In my place we call this (Ketupong - Tail-less/) and for his color we called it (Labang) .

And this one (Bangkut)
The mixture of gold and white colour.
Have you seen this type of cock in your place? What do you name/called it?

Here is it my favourite one , almost look like eagle to me.

His name in my place is Gutong Bangkut
Look at his flawless colour.

Eggs are everywhere!
This chickens not only provide me money , they provide me food too.

And in this "Long-house" there are where my youngster fighter still 6-8 months below they only ready to go in when they reach above 1 year old above to be accurate 14 months.

In this "long house where all youngsters stay".

So what do you think about my fighters?
Thanks for reading :D


I respect your culture's practice of cockfighting. It's not how I want to spend my Saturday night, but I support your effort in posting about it.

Haha thanks for supporting me ;)

This inhumane practice is against the law in most countries! Most definately in Canada! Maybe in your culture its a fun way to make money, but most of us find it unnecessary cruelty to animals! And disgusting! I happen to have 12 very happy free range chickens out at the country! They roam free and give us beautiful and healthy free range eggs! We would never think of harming our chickens, Ever ! Shame on you! 🐣🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔🐣

hi karen, if I may, I do fully agree with your comment except for some strong words. I can also understand your strong emotions that made you so angry really. however, your last few words are too strong and inappropriate if you view this from a broader perspective - I believe we should try to change things by opinion exchange or promoting the right way to treat animals, not putting burdens on individuals, which might help relieve the emotion but changes little in the long run. Thank you for treating those chickens well.

This is exactly what i did was give my opinion on this posting! I really dont think i used strong words at all, i was actually being much nicer then i should have been! And im sure whereever he lives it is also against the law! What i cant believe the most is that there are not more people standing behind me on this here on steemit, so we dont see more blogs of the same nature! Thanks for least adviseing this poster rainchen how you feel about it!

How can someone eating chicken telling me about this? It's so awkward

@rainchen , I am not trying to be patronizing, but sincerely hope that this post is a lesson for you - we do have freedom of speech but at the same time we need to know what others from different culture might disagree with you or even be hurt by what we said or presented. I upvoted you for the same reason with @vegascomic - that means I also consider chicken-fighting brutal.
There is a line between eating chicken and putting them through painful fighting games. the former is an inevitable part of human beings but can be dealt with in a humane way while the latter is not the case at all except that it has some cultural value inherited but this can be debatable and I would argue against it.
Also, the lady here doesn't say anything about her eating chicken. Even if she does, it is not awkward at all since I believe she will only do so if the chicken is put to death as humane as possible.
Please do not post again this kind of post (my suggestion) and consider gradually stop doing this even better, but you are your own master. At least think about it.

We have different kind of point of view in our culture , @karenmckersie there lots more about our borneon culture u need to know. :)

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