Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 4

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Hello, steemies!

It's time for this week's episode of Mini Lathe Amateur!

In this week's video, I talk about using a faceplate instead of a chuck for holding the piece that I'm working on. The faceplate can be used to hold objects that are too large to hold in the 3 inch chuck that comes on the lathe. Since I'm working on 4 inch diameter pieces, I would need a 5 inch chuck to hold the piece, and that would require the outside clamping jaws to be installed in the chuck. The faceplate will hold things that are larger than 4 inches, I think 5 inches is about the maximum size for this faceplate. The faceplate can also hold odd shaped pieces, or hold a piece off center for certain jobs.

Here is the video.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my video! I hope you find it interesting!

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