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Whoah! A Ned sighting!

I spotted this post by @swelker101 a bit too late to catch any of the action. But I’ll be skimming the chat and looking for a possible archived edition. (Not sure, but I think @ned went on air?)

Here’s a tidbit I already liked.


I’m looking forward to some HiveMind info around community tools hopefully. These were in the works before even SMTs and I wish they’d be released standalone, without custom tokens as that’s just an extra layer but not necessary.

I’ve had an eye on a different project called Narrative that has a similar structure to what was described long ago when Steem communities were first teased. User owned & moderated communities that greatly aid user experience, retention, & content sorting... and allow community owners and moderators to run them as mini front end businesses in a sense.

I’d really like to see Steem get there first. The openness and flexibility of Steem is also far superior than what I’ve seen out of Narrative’s plans to date.

One commenter in chat already pointed out that the Steemit Inc. messaging is still a whirlwind of flip flops with the message shown above, as the door seems to swing back toward site & front end development vs. pure blockchain. But if HiveMind tools are accessible to and compatible with the various other apps and Steem sites, it’ll prove a boon to the whole ecosystem and still resonate with that core message and goal of developing code & tools for the community at large.

I’ve been disheartened by recent Steem events just as many have. But my optimism remains. Though I feel Steemit Inc. has been conducting itself rather poorly lately, I’m still excited by what they can bring to the table as just one part of the larger Steem world, and I’ll be very interested to hear more in the days to come.

Mini newsflash & commentary rant over. Discuss!



What ever happened to the smart tokens anyway? Is that no longer gonna happen?

They’re still in the works. Work was apparently paused during the layoffs as focus shifted to reducing the cost of operating Steem nodes. There was talk of releasing an SMT “lite” in the not too distant future that would have fewer features at launch and then just iterate further from there.

It's good that communities are still in their plans. I think that could be a crucial part of Steem growth. It seems Steemit felt threatened by a proposed hardfork to take their funds away, but I really hope it doesn't come to that.

I've been chomping at the bit for "sub-steems" for like... 2 years now since they were first talking about them! Most folks probably don't sign up for Reddit for... well, Reddit. Rather they discover a community on there that they want to participate in and that drives the signup. I think we'll see a lot more growth and retention. Community ownership to me also becomes a de facto affiliate model. With the right tools in place community owners are incentivized to recruit, onboard, and retain members to their groups for profit.

I'm not too fazed by the whole power down shenanigans. I do think it's probably a defensive move, also probably not really necessary due to the likelihood that any fund seizing fork wouldn't pass the witness level. I actually think Steemit Inc. has been a passably fair steward of their stake, if not great in operational execution. They're allowing themselves to be gradually diluted by not maximizing any kind of voting or posting rewards, even showing restraint by refraining from voting down outright abusive comments on their own announcements and posts. Still managing the bulk of "faucet" sign ups and delegations to new users, large delegations to promising dApps in development, etc.

I don't think most critics have thought through the infrastructure damage and power vacuum that would be left if that stake were burned, and it drives me crazy when folks want stakes to get more evenly distributed but don't want anyone to sell... a real head scratcher there.

But... I know I'm just preaching to the choir here!

I agree on stake stewardness. Not sure where the 'rules' are stored stating they were not going to use it to vote (delegations sorta side-stepped that) but as you say, they have tried. Part of me thinks we are an ungrateful bunch.

I can understand those who think the delegations interfere with a more free market, and Steemit Inc. is effectively choosing winners & losers. But I think they do more good than harm. At this early stage I feel like the intent is to “proxy” their voting power out to as broad a swath of communities as possible to accelerate the distribution of stake and aid in new user retention.
If Steem is highly successful in the years to come, I’ll effectively be a “ninja miner” as will everyone who discovered Steem early. I’m grateful for the opportunity if it comes to fruition and fine if it fizzles, having made friends & connections here that have already paid the price of admission.

Choosing winners and losers with the intent to drive growth, stickiness, stake distribution, and long term, make their stake more valuable. Without delegation (ok we would not have bid-bots on the scale we do), I'm not sure any of the above would have happened at the speed it has done.

I’m grateful for the opportunity if it comes to fruition and fine if it fizzles, having made friends & connections here that have already paid the price of admission.

Same. Thanks for bringing some sense to the madness!

Always love both of your perspectives on these issues @abh12345 & @bryan-imhoff. 2 rational and smart individuals who always explain the case well.

I doubt they are going to take the money and run. They could have done that earlier and made a lot more. I hope we will hear some better news from them. They are not essential to Steem continuing, but having them due help. If the Steemit site went out would make the platform less discoverable.

True the time for that was when steem hit 8 dollars, not 30 cents.

How would we continue to steem is steemit inc went down?

In theory we can as long as we have witnesses and the alternative front ends. I hope it doesn't happen as they have key developers

Right now I’m working on a communities implementation with my Stratos project... Should hopefully be out by mid-February.

Great to hear. I’m sure there’s more than one way to achieve communities & tokens. Excited to see everything that evolves!

Let’s see what @ned is telling now...
Really willing to see positive and realistic message

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This reply to Inertia doesn’t score highly in the positive category, but you gotta give Ned a good realism score here! 😆


Snake oil salesmen are diplomatic and enthusiastic.
No way you act like this if you're shilling your way to the fire exit.

I think @ned is knows what he is doing @bryan-imhoff and the powering down issue I think is a defensive move for that hard fork coup d'etat rumor to make the steemitinc account unusable.
So we just have to sit back and enjoy this community and use it for a positive way to make each other's lives better.

Agreed. Clearly Steem is fully capable of bringing entertainment and assistance, and I think it will only get better from here!

Meh. We've been talking about communities for almost 2 years now, SMTs for well over a year...

Excuse me if I don't hold my breath! Lolz


I wouldn’t advise a breath hold either... but I don’t think I’ve heard Steemit Inc. mention communities for like 12-18 months now. So the glimmer of hope is that it may be back in focus at long last. Now keeping them focused is another matter...

My guess is they'll talk about it for another 4 months, and then you won't hear anything for another year or so, and then the cycle will begin again.


I haven't followed the announcements on SMT's. I don't see where that could be used. However communities seems very interesting. The platform is definitely lacking some structure and some tools for all of us to interact.

I'm also following the narrative project. Looks interesting too. I like how they have moderators and owners who earn from the site too. They will most likely spread the word and keep the community active. I did actually bought a couple niches, as they say. (Illustration & Original art).

I'm still a big fan of Steemit. I hope it evolves in a good way. I'll be sticking around here for sure! ;-)

Very cool that you bought a couple Narrative niches. My understanding has always been Steem communities could work much the same, with the communities able to set a % beneficiary award to themselves like front end sites can.
The one thing that has me worried about Narrative niches is the approval/control process. At least when I was checking them out they weren’t allowing what they’d consider “duplicate” niches. There didn’t seem to be a way to compete against a poorly run niche that may be in the exact space you want.
I like that Steem communities will most likely be an unfettered Wild West survival of the fittest.... just like the rest of Steem! 😄

I'm counting on great moderators in narrative's niche to avoid complete chaos. I'm looking forward to see how an alternative could be run. Also how compatible it is to publishing comics online...

He does live... I was thinking he was never going to say anything again.

Same! And while I think the professional role he’s placed himself in requires more communication than the terrible showing of late, on a personal level I can understand wanting to avoid a lot of the negativity that gets heaped on his every word on Steem.

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