Amazing Nature Contest - The Snow Comeback

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Hello Steemians,

For my second participation to the #amazingnature contest hosted by @adalger, I wanted to share with you two pictures about these days.

Two days ago we had 16 degrees. Blue sky, warm weather for the winter and February. I though we were in summer.
WhatsApp Image 20200227 at 09.29.13.jpeg

And Today... What was my surprise when I woke up and opened the window and see... The SNOW !
WhatsApp Image 20200227 at 09.08.16.jpeg

Wonderful but oh no soo cold :(
This afternoon, I have a meeting to the doctor. I hope it will not continue to fall a lot of snow I do not want to fall down.

I just wanted to share how amazing is our Nature but how critical is her too. We need to take care and to preserve her.

I wish you a good end of week :)


Hehe, the weather is going crazy ^^ .. We had snow here too yesterday out of the sudden and I even saw posts from hail in Venezuela ;)

Wow even there? Yes it's really going crazy :(
I hope we'll have a good summer and not as turbulent we have on these times.

We will have to wait.. The overall weather on earth is quite stable, but already little changes can affect it.. It will be a little bit more crazy now I suppose, but hopefully not too much 😜

Yes is true, I hope and believe for the stability and we will see how it will evolve.

Hehehe... go and get yourself
some "MoonBoots" and you'll "never" fall!

Aaha Waaww! Moonboots :)
It's been long time I did not hear that name.
I will try to find a pair you are right ;)

:D You may find that in a place like "chiffoniers" / "brockenstube"... hehe

Oh cool, many thanks :) :)

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There’s not such “climate change” state those fatty big whales that are destroying this world.
Awesomely spotted @misschance with a scaring deep message to all!
You rock!
Keep on my friend and take care of the elements.
Big hugs over there 🤗🤗

Yes, we need to be attentioned and careful is important in our life times.
Thank you my friend I send you a big hug to you too :)

@misschance Two years ago I was lucky enough to get to spend 3 months living in Switzerland, and it's certainly the most beautiful country I've ever been to. Everything was simply delightful, EVERY inch of your country still appears in my current dreams! I lived in Fribourg and used to travel to the other cities by train.

Sleeping during those trips was like a sin to me. How could I miss those wonderful landscapes showing through the window!
I even saw a horse with clothes once! It was Winter, so I guess they needed to keep themselves warm too. It was so funny and magical at the same time.

When I read this post, instant memories came back to me, and you truly made my night!
Thank you for these amazing pictures, keep up the good work :)

Ahh great, it's excellent that you could visit a part of Switzerland @parchi-guaya. It's true it's a great country and full of surprises :)
And I must admit that despite the many years that I live here, I do not tire of amazed me at the landscapes on my way, I love it and I feel lucky. So I understand you at the level of retaining your sleep ;)

Ahaha yes in winter, when temperature is hardly cold the farmers hail their horses in coats to keep them warm and keep them from the cold because they also have to go out and make a living. I was also surprised the first time I saw but now I'm used to it.
Thank you for your story and your words, it's very cool.

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