Do you want to kill both platforms? Because this is how you kill both platforms.

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So lets get a few things straight right now.

  • OBVIOUSLY Steem is the more centralized option of the two.
  • OBVIOUSLY Steem has the most censorship.
  • OBVIOUSLY Steem has the lowest value proposition for the medium.
  • OBVIOUSLY Hive was the result of Justin Sun being bad at handling PR with the community.
  • OBVIOUSLY Hive has a better prospect for future development.

I don't want to fucking even "debate" this shit. I am already getting very sick of seeing Chinese tier shills talking shit on steem.


What the fuck is this shit? Its barely english. More centralized than anything EVER? WHAT?


Ethnic cleansing LMAO...
This is Corona-Chan level Chinese style propaganda. When the people who made it probably roll their eyes.

I don't like seeing censored posts either. So now my only option is the obvious choice that gets rape fucked into the ground in value because people who setup the HIVE chain missed a wallet on Binance.

All Justin Sun had to do was fucking propose some kind of new project that has potential and leave things at that. I was mostly ready to continue using both chains moving forward for most content. But now this childish bullshit is just making me not want to be a part of either fucking chain!

You cannot have a platform with a 13 week unstaking mechanism where there is a potential of infighting can cause this kind of a down swing.

And why is blocktrades not allowing trades of steem? Right now would be amazing time to just swing over to the proper blockchain.



I read somewhere that there was a steem soft fork that lock out blocktrades and several other large accounts, please confirm my understanding.

All steem accounts have been frozen and it is not possible to trade on exchanges not directly approved by Justin Sun who can deny your ability to trade if he wants.

Steem is now 100% centralized even more so than places like twitter or facebook.

I will be selling all of my steem the moment accounts are open for trade again. (if that ever happens)