SOMEONE is Buying Up All the STEEM to Get the HIVE COIN AIRDROP - How Much Can HIVE COIN Be Worth? [hive] [blockchain] [crypto]

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Well, well well, so the market is finally starting to truly appreciate the COMMUNITY and the VALUE it brought to the old STEEM blockchain. Now Most of THAT Community is FORKING on over to the HIVE blockchain....Which will AIRDROP Hive Coin to all STEEM, STEEM DOLLAR and Steem Power Holders very very soon.

Now it seems there are many desperate to own any Steem they can in order to receive the airdrop of HIVE coin, and the STEEM PRICE is skyrocketing, which Means that the HIVE Coin must already have some built in Market Value. In my opinion HIVE COIN has to already be worth at least the current price of STEEM OR MORE, MAYBE even A LOT MORE, even before the launch of the Hive Blockchain.

2020 continues to surprise and astonish.

Everyone please be safe and take care.

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Justin will get for free about 4 mil. Hive,just from the Steem that he has liquid now... soon as Hive will get listed in some exchange,if he dumps the 4 mil. Hive,the price will get low for a while..

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hey @abbak7 From what I understand, I think anyone or account connected to Justin Sun WILL NOT be getting the lets hope that SUN doesn't get those 4M in HIVE COIN.

I do hope so..
But....that's why he moved it back to Binance ,he will get it thru exchange's..

Thanks @abbak7 I was reading up on that.... he is on TILT!!

IT would be awesome if the HIVE airdrop had a locked in period for the airdropped coins... or a progressive unlocking where most get locked at first but gradually get unlocked

People going nuts for that airdrop.

shouldn't HIVE be worth more than 5cents ? Especially when peeps are paying way more for STEEM, which is the dying chain. Markets are weird.

It could be at the first idk how many hrs but it will end up settling somewhere around 5-10 cents in my opinion. We will find out soon.

People always think about the shortcut way for success, but getting success there's no way for shortcut, you have to spent and showing your hard work for it

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Today is awesome day because of steem price raise up over 200%.
I will look for what happen in the next two day.

You gotta be fast, because "Estimated Account Value" is still
low like the last days/weeks..?

I don't understand what you mean by fast? I realize that the EAC is based on a last 7 day average, but fast how, as in selling? But then you will not receive the Airdrop of Hive Coin.

Ok, it's a 7 day average...that explains it... i thought i saw changes their faster...
No, not selling nothing, still in an active power down (because of Tron).
I just asked Hive, if those will continue or automatically be stopped.
I wanna power up again, in a "stable" community.

News spreads fast, the rush to get in on the HIVE airdrop is pumping the price like crazy, lol should be back to 12 cents or so by Saturday though

and the price of Hive?

Im guessing it would be around 5cents at the beginning. We need bigger exchanges listing Hive not only supporting the airdrop.

Thanks @culgin buzz you later!

You are welcome. I don't know how much HIVE will be priced, but I am sure it will not be zero 🤣

I now think it to be one of two possibilities. 1, justin and team are fake pumping up the STEEM Price in order to get as much Value out of their investment in Steemit inc as possible, of which if so they are doing a great job.

  1. Justin and Team, and possibly other unconnected parties interested in the Airdrop looking to make more profit from 2 coins are buying the limited supply of liquid STEEM , driving the price sky high.

I believe you are correct in that HIVE is worth something. I am hoping on the 2 scenario, because that would make HIVE Coin's value on par with Steem's value if not higher due to better decentralization and popularity. Think David bashing Goliath type of fame.