Hive Works but Slow - Car Purchase Fail - 1014

in #hivelast month (edited)

I'm able to post on Hive again. It does seem a little bit slow though. I think Steemit is about twice as fast.

I tried to buy this today.
Pontiac G5 2dr Cpe GT 2007

I was overal impressed with the model. I was surprised at the headroom and how spacious it was for a small car. Unfortunately the air bag light was on and a wheel seemed wobbly so I passed on the deal and didn't even offer a lowball.

I think used car prices are up now thanks to all the stimulus.

"Saturday 10-17-20"



Glad to hear you managed to get on and yes I agree it's twice as slow compared to Steem perhaps they are not producing enough blocks.

Or just buying the cheap package on Amazon web services. LOL

Or just buying the
Cheap package on Amazon
Web services. LOL

                 - mysearchisover

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

great,beautiful car,have a good shopping

It would be a great purchase,thank you very much for the exchange,have a good day and a great mood

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