I am on Hive Blacklist- Never voted any Socketpuppet

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Hello dear Hivians,

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I am in Steem nearly since beginning and mostly powered my Steem up.
I voted for the old Steem witnesses and now I am on the Hive blacklist.
Have been loyal the whole time.
Please help.


Where can I find that “Blacklist”. More informations is needed here.

Wow... I didn't know there's such a thing. I heard someone mentioned though.

And I have been wondering that you have seen already rewards on hive.

I have did 3 claim as I busybody and went in hive.blog to look and decided to try posting from there.

Ah good to know :-)

Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp

You might have proxied. But I think this is a very dangerous list. With this rules false positives are likely. User who might accidentally voted the wrong witness or proxied the wrong account.

Go on Github and file a bug report! Link it here and will upvote and comment it for your as I consider this list very dangerous and error prone.

I guess my proxy voted for the original crew. He is not on the list.
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And just because you didn't un-proxy fast enough they want to block you? That's no good. You should really put in a bug report:


Mind you it's less then two hours until it happens.

I know you short got this sorted out but i saw this post on a wechat group and came back to drop this too in case someone else may be looking