Celebrating 4 Years on the Blockchain - Today is My Fourth HIVE Anniversary

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Celebrating 4 Years on the Blockchain

Today is My Fourth HIVE Anniversary!

On July 12, 2016 I decided to create my @jeffjagoe STEEM account. Today marks 4 years of existence on the blockchain. I received a badge from @hivebuzz on my latest post, which served as a nice reminder for the big day.


Over the course of the last 4 years, I've created 23,749 posts on the chain. I've gained 3,736 followers and made some awesome friendships along the way. @jeffjagoe was the 17,832th account created on the blockchain, which now has well over one million. A lot has happened over the last four years, both on-chain and off-chain. It's exciting to see how STEEM successfully evolved into HIVE within the last 6 months without much of a hiccup. I look forward to seeing how this blockchain grows and evolves over the next four years! It's been a wonderful ride.



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