Steem.Supply Will Support The Hive Chain, Prepare For Hive.Supply

in #hive2 years ago

At the moment,, one of the oldest DAPs on the STEEM blockchain, is not functional anymore. It was relying on the Steemit API node, which, probably, was shut down. It's not the only DAP which was hurt by the recent stake war, following the recent undelegations, many other projects found themselves unable to function.

But worry not, I intend to port this DAP on the new chain that is starting this Friday. It will be available at

As for, I will evaluate later on if I have the resources and the time to still maintain it.

See you on the other side!


steemd steemdb and steemworld are still working.

I'm glad to see that it is moving over to Hive!

Apologies, I pulled a delegation to due the to goings on. Contact me later and I'll reinstate an equivalent on hive at no cost.

Hi @dragosroua :) Can you tell me in short how the migration works for you? Connect to hive node and replace every steem word with hive?:)

Nothing more exciting than seeing how a new technological/Social "recentralized" project is applying resilience to remain decentralized.
Great times to be in Steem as a community learning experience!