Moving on

in #hive10 months ago (edited)

This fork is the best thing to ever happen to steem in a long while and I am glad the community has finally taken a stand in the form of migrating to a new Chain HIVE which to me is a cooler sounding name and one I believe is going to catch on pretty quickly.
Ned has stood in the way of steem for far too long so it came as good news when he sold out to Justin who I thought initially would be a good fit for steem on account of his marketing prowess and his substantial resources.
It turns out he really has no interest in advancing the steem ideal but just in it for selfish reasons which prompted the witness wars between Justin and the community.
Fast forward to yesterday and the HIVE was announced.I wonder how Justin would be feeling right now,my guess pretty shitty.If there is one lesson Justin will learn from this ,it would be never steal honey from the beehive because you are going to get stung.