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  • My favourite food pumpkin because I like to eat vegetable very much. It is very tasty and has a lot to offer. This is a very good aspect from other beef and the price is low in terms of price. And the vegetables is much tastier when cooked well.

ingredients needs to make this recipe



  • Name and quantity of materials✅:

  • Give 1 cup of chopped onion.

  • Give 5 to 6 solders.

  • Give the amount of salt.

  • Give half a cup of oil 40gram.

  • Give one teaspoon of powdered turmeric.

✴️1st step✳️



  • Cut the pumpkins well, put them on a clean sheet and cut them on a wheel so that the thing looks good and wash them well with water then put them in a container.

✴️2nd step✳️



  • Thoroughly clean the pot then pour 40 gms of oil and heat it so that the pot is heated.Then cover the inside of the oil with the salted onion spice

✴️3rd step✳️



  • I put the onion and 40 grams of oil in it and put the pumpkins in it. You can see that you will shake well and add oil and salt properly.

✴️4th step✳️



  • As you can see, I put the salted onion in the salt and put it inside. Then I mixed it and waited for 10 to 20 minutes for the thing to mix well and melt enough.

✴️5th step✳️



  • You can all see that I am complete and I put it in a beautiful container. It takes me 10 to 20 minutes to cook, my grandmother made it with a lot of care. I hope you have tried it at home. I have tried my best to make this post good quality.
  • While I was sitting inside the whole family enjoying the vegetables food pumpkin. There was so much peace in my mind, it was very beautiful. It was so good to eat I ate it with two loaves of bread. We all ate with great joy. A calm wind is blowing in my mind.When we think of a middle-class boy, he buys and eats vegetables pumbkin. In other words, it is eaten once a week, sometimes twice or thrice a week, and it is very good to eat vegetables , so it is very tasty to eat what you like.And who is to say that this pumbkin is eaten by so many people that it is very tasty so people eat a lot and help the world of body vitamins and physiology.

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