Drawing tutorial : how to draw a night view landscape painting by poster colour. Club5050 programme || 10% to @steem.skillshare

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Hi all my drawing lover friends. How are you..? I hope fine. I'm also fine. Today I'm going share a new painting. It’s a night view painting of a landscape. I made this painting e poster colour. In this painting I draw t beautiful house and some trees.

Now I'm sharing the name of all the instrument that I used to make the painting.

  • art paper
  • drawing brush
  • colour mixing plate
  • poster colour shade
  • water
  • hard board &
  • pencil

Now I'm describing stape by stape drawing process ...

At the first stape. I took the art paper and draw a border line by graphite pencil. Then I draw the primary shape of the painting by the pencil. Then I took colour mixing plate and I mixed some black colour on the plate. And then I applied on the paper by flat brush. And made the background part. And also I draw the ground by the green colour.

The I took the filbert brush and mixed some light colour on the plate. And took it by the filbert brush and applied it on the dark spot, before that I draw some trees behind the house . In this stape I coloured to the housr by black colour

To the next stape I made the house more details and beautiful. I took the details brush and draw some line with the white colour. Then It's looked like the wooden house. In the windows and at the door I used orange and yellow to make it highlighted and for the reflection of lamp in the house. In this stape I draw a big tree front of the house.

Then I made the tree highlighted by the white colour and here I used details brush. Then I draw the boundary around the land of the home. Here I used black colour. And to the corner I used white coloured line. And at the final stape I draw a horse by the white colour.

Thanks all for visiting my post and supporting me.

If anyone want to buy my artwork and any portrait drawing. He/she can contract me in discord.

discord I'd : mdriart#0766

Poster colour drawing0.7sbd
Colour pencil drawing0.5sbd
Human portrait ( black & white)0.7sbd




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I love it, it is a very beautiful work!

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Thanks a lot mam

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Wow! You are Great artist!❣️

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Thanks a lot brother

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