Drawing tutorial : how to draw a human portrait of a boy || 10% to @steem.skillshare

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Good evening all my friends.

Welcome back to another portrait drawing. Yesterday may friend requested me to draw his own portrait drawing. And previous night I tried to draw his portrait drawing. In the post I will show the stape by stape drawing process and describing how did I draw the portrait drawing.

By following those stape you can be able to draw others portrait drawing.

Now I'm showing the portrait drawing.


Drawing instrument..

  • art paper
  • graphite pencil
  • charcoal pencil
  • eraser
  • cutter
  • cotton buds

Stape by stape drawing process.

At first I took all the instruments and the I used 2b pencil to draw the eyes of the boy. It’s the primary shape of the eyes i drawn. The I draw the shape of the nose and lips.

To the next stape I draw all the face shape. In this stape I draw the hair spot by graphite pencil. And draw something beard spot by 2b pencil.

In the third stape, started to draw the main shape. Firstly I took a charcoal pencil and draw the eyes. In the black spot I pointed by white charcoal to the corner.

Then I draw the hair of the boy. To draw the hair I used black charcoal pencil. We should try to use black charcoal when we draw the hair. Thus the hait looked very beautiful and natural.

Then I draw the beard of the boy on the side face. And then. To draw all the beard I used 2 b pencil at first. And then I used charcoal pencil.

At the last stape I draw the shirt of the boy. Here I used 2 b pencil to draw the shirt.

Thanks all for visiting my post.

If anyone want to buy my artwork and any portrait drawing. He/she can contract me in discord.

discord I'd : mdriart#0766

Poster colour drawing0.7sbd
Colour pencil drawing0.5sbd
Human portrait ( black & white)0.7sbd



 2 months ago 

Wow, that is very impressive! The human portrait you drew is excellent!

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