Drawing tutorial : how to draw a foggy winter morning view painting by poster colour. || 10% to @steem.skillshare

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Good evening all my friends.

I'm really glad to get all the inspiration from the authorities and members. So I always getting impressed and making some beautiful drawing and painting to sent you some knowledge about art. Today is not different.

I made a beautiful landscape painting. It’s a different moment I tried to highlighted. It’s a foggy morning view painting. And in the foggy weather a couple are waking on the dew wetted grass. It’s a different feeling to walk on the wetted grass. So Let's watch the painting.

Drawing instrument..

  • art paper
  • drawing brush
  • colour mixing plate
  • poster colour shades
  • water
  • graphite pencil
  • ruler
  • hard board

Now I describing stape by stape drawing process.

At first I took an art paper and a graphite pencil. Then I draw the primary shape of the painting. Now it’s time to mix colour. I took some white colour and sky blue colour on the plate. Then I applied the white colour to the sky. And I used little bit sky blue colour to the ground side. And then I used green colour to the ground

Then I draw a tree which I is situated in the long away. So I used here gray colour to draw the tree.
And to the other side I draw some tree. To draw this trees I used blue colour by filbert brush. And I draw all the trees branches using deep gray colour.

Then I draw the the ground blacked to draw the grass as well. In this stape I draw another trees to the others community. Here I also used gray black colour.

At the last stape I draw the ground and made it green on the ground by using light green colour. And at the last stape I draw the couple is walking on the grass by black colour.

If any one want to suggest me to make any certain drawing tutorial . Please suggest me in the comment box. And I will try to make the painting / drawing tutorial.

Thanks all for visiting my post and supporting me.

If anyone want to buy my artwork and any portrait drawing. He/she can contract me in discord.

discord I'd : mdriart#0766

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Spectacular painting, as always surprising us with your art!

 last month 

That I can sharing you all some beautiful painting and it’s my pleasure. I will keep it continuously.

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