Crochet Stylish Japanese Knot Bag. Smart lock idea

in Steem Skillshare3 months ago

This bag is super simple, but I love it because it uses Japanese knot bag technique, so you can sort of lock it easily 👍.

I used yarn in combination with jute yarn, but you can use solely jute, raphia, cotton, cord etc. The bag can be crocheted big or small. Keep in mind that if you want a bigger size, just make circle bottom bigger

The diameter of bottom is 30 cm, the height is 36cm.
Total number of stitches - 142
For each handle I used 25 stitch and 42 stitches between the handles. For one handle I chained 25 and for 2nd handle I chained 40.
Crochet 5, 6 rows of handles.


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