Contest: Create a Flyer Advertising a Product or Event || @liamnov

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Warmest greetings to all steemians out there especially to the founder and active member in the #steemskillshare community. Today I want to be an active part of the community by joining the contest on "Create A Flyer Advertising a Product or Event"


My flyer was created using the canva application with the reason to share my product with the community. Until now I was supplying dishwashing liquid soap to my customers in our place and our workplace. They pay me using our currency. When I see the contest in steem skillshare I decided to expand my dishwashing liquid soap payment using SBD, Steem, or Tron Cryptocurrencies which you can send your payments in my steemit account. But I accept php payments also.

The price of my products is based on the market value Sbd, Steem, and Tron. The price of my product in the Philippines is 35 php per 500ml bottle. But we must add on the delivery charge for the item. But I have a minimum of 20pcs order and maximum order of 100 bottles.

You can reach me through my steemit account or you can contact me through my mobile phone number provided in the flyer.

So I invited @angelycong, @rodjen143, and @lonelymae to join the contest and enjoy your creativity. Thank you and more power to the community.

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this is very interesting really. Would you like to make a workshop or videolesson on zoom about it? We are updating our list of available workshops on steemskillshare