I Already Finished Taking One Blister Pack Of My Anti-Tuberculosis Medicine


About eleven more of these blister pack I have to take to complete two months of therapy then I will have to get x-rayed again and maybe a complete blood count test (CBC) to see if there is a noticeable improvement in my lungs.

So if there are anymore impressions in the chest x-ray that I have TB then the pulmunologist doctor will put me back to the first set of my dialysis schedule like before.

I liked being in the first batch because I get to have a better dialysis session unlike with my current schedule with different nurses. It just sucks when they slow down the blood pump plus the drawing out of fluids is not being completed as well.

Now I will have to add more fluids to take from my system to compensate on the possibility of how much they will diminish if if blood pressure reading gets low because my nurses automatically diminish the drawing out of water from my system if that situation happens.

At least now I was the one telling them how much water they will take off and that is what is important too for me.

Anyway, I hope that my lungs would be cleared after two months because of course I do not want to suffer from tuberculosis. Maybe if I would get healed then I might get to achieve some weight gain as well and also to regain my strength back. That is if the cause of my wasting and diminished strength was the supposed Tuberculosis that the doctor said that I have. I needed more prayers.


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