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Hello All,

Hope all are safe and healthy and doing great. Here I am going to share my day.

Today I woke up at 10:30 am when I got the call from one of my friends. He had called just for a normal chat but gave some useful information.

After talking, I started my morning activities. I sat for some time to think something about me and my family. In the last I thought that let it go the way things are going on will think about it later as per the situation. Because if you think something to do but the situation nit match as per the time.
I did my breakfast at 12 pm and while I was doing breakfast was watching videos on Facebook.

Breakfast : Milk & Roti

I watched the video when Al Qaeda attacked the American twin towers in 2001and 3000 people were lose their lives. Really it was a painful day for all American citizens. As we know America never ever letting go of their enemies and they take their revenge by killing Laden.

After breakfast, I started to look into how many tickets my team has assigned me so that I can prepare for Monday morning and I shouldn't surprise.

I slept again at 1:30 and woke up at 2:45 pm and prepared lunch. Then I did my lunch at 3:30 pm.

Lunch : Rice & Vegetables

After lunch, I did the study for some time and again slept at 7 pm and woke up at 8 pm. Went out for a walk, roaming in the market for sometimes and took the milk back to the room. After come back to the room prepared dinner and had my dinner. After dinner walked for half an hour then went to sleep.

Dinner : Roti | Rice | Vegetable | Salad

That's all for today. Hope you like my post.

Thank You.

Nice post and you have a great day.
#india #affable

Of course 9/11 was a painful attack not only for Americans but for the whole world and whole humainity.I pray to God such incidents never happen again.
You took your lunch late ,that's not good.@sumitkr27
#affable #india

Yeah! sometimes I take late breakfast and that is not good.

Milk & Roti I didn't tried yet,I hope you enjoyed it,may I know any speciality in it or any health benefits out of it let me know.

Since childhood, I am eating milk & roti. I am not sure if any benefits and there is not any side effect also. You can try once along with any vegetable combination.

All your food looks healthy and tasty. @sumitkr. keep posting.

Thank you.

All food very healthy
Nice dairy

Thank you.

I watched the video when Al Qaeda attacked the American twin towers in 2001and 3000 people were lose their lives.

@sumitkr27, it's good to see that you back to your normal diet again. Always keep healthy. It was a horrible day for every one. Several things we didn't expect repeated and that is one of the incidence we never want to see again.

Yes, no one wants to see this kind of thing again. Don't know why some people don't want to live peacefully.

@sumitkr27, because we are individual and carry several thoughts. Remember that these should have dark and light we have to accept both. We can't change the mind of a few people.

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Thank you

@sumitkr27 breakfast and dinner looking so delicious and healthy . Thank you for sharing your day with us 🤗 keep posting 👍 like this
Have a nice day

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