Betterlife | The Diary Game | 29/08/2021 - WEMA bot redesign in progress

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Hey guys. I love it when Friday comes near and hate it when the weekend ends. Today is Sunday and this is one day that ends really very fast. So, let me go through my daily activities today.


In the morning, I woke up at 7 AM. The weather was still very gloomy. The roads outside were completely wet and the mud made it extremely messy. However, that cannot stop Cooper from going on his morning walk. To make matters worse, it even started to drizzle at 7 in the morning. so, I decided to wait for a bit and have a cup of hot water to warm myself up for our walk.

As it was raining today, I did not carry any treats for the other stray dogs. I know that they love it when I get them their morning treats. However, the rain made it extremely hard for me to take the treats with me. At around 7:20 AM, the rain had stopped. So, I took Cooper out on our daily walk.

As it had just rained, I did not expect to see any other stray dogs. However, to my surprise, all the start dogs were expecting me to come with some treats for them. I felt really very bad that I did not get any today. After some time, they realized that I did not have any treats. So, they demanded pets. After around 30 mins of the walk and petting the stray dogs, I finally got back home.

After coming home, I gave Cooper his breakfast and continued my morning chores. I then logged in to check the previously deployed WEMA bot. I was able to see that the bot had picked up a few comments that should have been ignored. After some of the latest events, I decided that the bot needs some more work. So, I decided to strip it apart and design a more robust one.

Upma for breakfast

While I was trying to come up with a design for this, my mom got me my morning breakfast. Usually, we have something special on the weekends. However, today my mom had cooked one of the most hated breakfasts out there. The dreaded upma. Most of the South Indians can probably relate to why I'm calling it the most hated breakfast.

After my breakfast, I spent some time watching Two and a Half Men on Amazon Prime.


In the noon, I had rice and radish sambhar for lunch. After my lunch, I had an entire custard apple. I love custard apples. I feel that it is one of the most underrated fruits. This is probably because of the number of seeds that it has. In fact, the seeds outweigh the actual fruit.

After my lunch, I started to write the code for the new WEMA design that I was working on.

Evening and Night:

Here is Cooper sleeping on his bed

Time flies when you are deeply involved in coding. While coding the new logic, I kind of hit a performance snag very early on. So, I spent a lot of time working on a fix for that. It turned out to be harder than I initially anticipated. So, I decided to take a breather and play with Cooper for a bit. However, due to the gloomy weather outside, Cooper was fast asleep.

So, I let him be and went on to take some rest.

Ending the day with a Technical demo video

I then woke up at 7:50 PM and it was Cooper who woke me up, pestering me to give him his dinner. So, I gave him his dinner, went on our night walk. After coming back home, I had my dinner and spent some time watching the recent Microsoft demo on Blazor. If you are a developer, I highly recommend watching such streams. You will pick up a lot of amazing ideas by watching such streams.

I then hit the bed at around 11 PM.


You have a good habit of feeding the stray dogs ,it is considered as charity.Keep doing the same ,you will get rewards fo it ,dear. @starlord .
#affable #india

 2 years ago (edited)

Re-designing WEMA is great. Hope it will ignore counting the comments that are repeated again and again. It seem you had a busy Sunday. @starlord28 #affable

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