Better Life | The Diary Game | 12/04/2021 - The Monday Blues Strike

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Hello all. That was a real quick weekend, wasn't it? One thing I know it's Friday and the next thing it's already Monday. Luckily Ugadi is Tomorrow. So, no worries. Just got to grind just one more day at work.


The most heart-warming breakfast that you can have
In the morning, I woke up at 7 AM and had a glass of hot water with lime. Due to less exercise over the past year, I seem to be gaining some weight in the form of fat. So, I am not working on getting back into shape. After having my water, I took Cooper out on his morning walk. Today we met 2 of Cooper's street friends. These are two amazing dogs who come up to me demanding pets when they see me.

After getting back home it was 8 AM already. So, I gave Cooper his food, had my bath, and then went on to have my breakfast. Today I skipped my daily milk and went straight for my breakfast. Today my mom had cooked very delicious vermicelli lemon rice. I also had muskmelon for sides. The breakfast looks so simple. However, this was one of the most heartwarming breakfasts that I have had in recent times.

At 9:30 AM I logged into work. Since it was a weekend, I hadn't opened my laptop to check the emails either. So, I logged in early to do exactly that. Also, today was the sprint planning day. Since I had completed all my work before the weekend, I didn't have any work other than assisting in the planning and grooming of the numerous user stories.


The Roti curry and Fried rice that I ordered today
Today, everyone at home was feeling lazy. So, my mom asked me to order food from a restaurant for lunch. One of the best vegetarian restaurants near my house is the New Shanthi Sagar. So, I ordered Kadai Paneer, Methi butter roti, and mushroom fried rice for me and my parents. After eating so much home-cooked food, this one felt extra delicious.

Combination made in heaven
For dessert, we had vanilla ice cream with banana. If you haven't tried this combination then I suggest you do it immediately. It is simply heaven on earth.

After lunch I attended a few more meetings and then at 3 PM in the noon, I decided to get some sleep. By the time I woke up, it was already 6:30 PM and Cooper was calling me to play with him. So, I logged out of work and went on to play with Cooper for some time.


Night Roti and curry
In the night there was still some curry left. So, my mom cooked roti for me and I had it along with the tasty Kadai Paneer from noon. Later I took Cooper for his night walk and then logged into Steemit after I got back from a walk. After curating some of the genuine posts in the BOI community, I hit the bed.

That's it, guys. Let me know what you guys think.
Thank you.



I had a glass of hot water with lime
Can you tell me its advantages so that I too can use it.

First, it sets the right state of the stomach after a good night's sleep. It works wonders with obesity as well.

Thank you for sharing this information.

The Roti curry and Fried rice that I ordered today
Your lunch is looking so delicious

Your diary is full of food. Have a nice day
Thank you

The most heart-warming breakfast that you can have

Your breakfast is looking really tasty and healthy.

The Roti curry and Fried rice that I ordered today
Night Roti and curry

All your photos are really good and your food is just awesome. I hope you liked and enjoyed your food.

Thank you for sharing your diary.

All the food items look very delicious 😋
Keep posting
Stay safe.

vanilla ice cream with banana.

I will definitely try this, I have eaten vanilla ice cream but never with banana.

 3 months ago 

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Thank you.


everyone at home was feeling lazy.

i feel that all day everyday lol, no idea why.

we had vanilla ice cream with banana

that looks totally amazing ,will also try this when available.

i feel that all day everyday lol, no idea why.

Haha. This cracks me up every time I read it. It's easy to tell people not to be lazy and ask them to get off their asses. However, doing it yourself is definitely not easy.

Thank you for stopping by and do try the ice cream combo that I spoke about. It's heavenly.

Your diary is so explaining and meaningful hope you enjoyed your day and advise you to serve more kadai paneer 😂 because it is looking so delicious.

Your diary is full of food. And I feel very tasty to see all the food.
Have a nice day
Thank You

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