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Hi all. Today was a dreadful day to Cooper(According to him). Let me tell you why that is


So, my day started as usual. Because of the extreme heat, I usually sleep very late in the night these days. Just like me, even cooper ends up sleeping very late in the night as well. This means that both of us end up getting up late as well. Another factor that is assisting me in getting longer sleep is the recent addition of CBD oil in my everyday life.

When I got up in the morning, it was already 7:30 AM. Me and my sister had already decided that we would be taking Cooper for his grooming session today. So, considering our appointment was at 10:30 AM, we were very late. After getting up, I finished my morning chores first and then took Cooper for his daily walk.

On returning back home, I gave him his food and also had my breakfast quickly. By the time I was done with my bath it was already 9:30 AM. The place where we had an appointment was 15 Km away from our house. Considering Bangalore's traffic, this is an hour and a half long drive.

Since it was clear that we wouldn't make it on time, I decided to call the grooming center and reschedule an hour later. Luckily the people at Brigade Pets(the grooming center) agreed to reschedule without any issues.

Brigade Pet Care | Location : JP Nagar
A little backstory on Cooper is that he is very aggressive towards other dogs and loves to go on long car rides. While he was extremely well behaved during the ride, the moment we arrived at the grooming center, he started to get very excited because of all the other dogs that he could smell.

We were expecting the worst. We were also expecting him to snap on seeing other dogs. But to our surprise, that never happened. The folks at brigade pets are very professional and did the best job in grooming Cooper. He hadn't had a bath for a month and had started to give off bad odor. After the bath, he was sparkly clean.

They also went on to clip his nails as well as clean his ears which was a great thing as I had never been able to do it myself.

The most surprising part was that the people at Brigade pets told us that Cooper was just scared. We always thought that he was angry. Since they told us how well behaved he was during his bath, we thought it would be a great time to reward him with some treats.

Treats for Cooper
So, we ended up purchasing some mutton sticks at the Brigade pets store itself.


This whole grooming session took over 3 hours. Luckily, they had already informed us of the time it would take to trim his hair, give him a medicated bath, and clean his ears. So, me and my sister went to McDonalds in BTM layout to have burgers for lunch. We thought of getting Cooper a McSwirl ice cream as a treat. However, we decided against it as this was really very sweet and that isn't good for dogs.

We got back to the grooming center at 2:30 PM and Cooper was all ready and had already become very close friends with the people at Brigade pets. He usually takes a long time to warm up to people. Him warming up to these amazing humans in such short duration just goes on to show you how well they must have treated him.

The overall bill came up to be just Rs. 1040 /- or $15. This included his grooming as well as the treats that we bought him. After letting him walk for a couple of minutes, we started our journey.

It's not very clear, but that's Cooper in the mirror
Cooper was so pooped out that he kept part of his face outside the window the whole time. I made sure that I was maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles as well.

After getting back home at 5:30 PM, I just logged into my wok to attend a very important architectural orientation meeting. After that I just slept because I was tired from driving for so long in the traffic.


Since all of us were extremely tired, I had my dinner, gave cooper his, and took him for his walk. On getting back, all of us slept early because of all the tiredness. As I knew about the grooming appointment, I had taken the entire day off work. Now I need to make up for this leave by working extra hard for the next couple of days.



Considering Bangalore's traffic, this is an hour and a half long drive

Yes the condition of traffic in Bangalore is quite bad. In real life I have never been there. But I have heard in many interviews and many reports and other things that traffic is a big problem of this city.
Hope you didn't face any problem.

loves to go on long car rides

Usually all dogs loves to do that. Is this right?? Because I have heard many people saying the same.

Nice diary from your side mod. Thank you for sharing.

Yes the condition of traffic in Bangalore is quite bad. In real life I have never been there.

Whatever you've heard in those interviews is totally true. There is an area called the silk board over here. If you travel through this place, you would need a minimum of 2 hrs to reach your destination during the working days. Luckily, I don't need to go through this place.

Usually all dogs loves to do that. Is this right?? Because I have heard many people saying the same.

I was actually a bit hesitant and thought that Cooper would not like car rides. However, he surprised me when I took him out for the very first time. Have been taking him out on car rides at least once a month now. He just loves to leave his tongue hanging freely outside the window.

Your cooper is lucky he get good Boss like you.

In Bangalore,there is no words to express about Traffic lol.

Nice post from you. Take care.

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